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1 Tiny Detail Revealed The Killer In Wednesday

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Wednesday season 1Wednesday left the big reveal of who the killer was until the final episode, but there was a tiny detail that hinted at the hidden character. Wednesday has broken Netflix records with its adaptation of The Addams Family and brings a new twist to the popular family while paying homage to its predecessors. Jenna Ortega stars as a teenage Wednesday Addams forced to go to boarding school at Nevermore Academy, a school for supernatural outcasts, and is quickly roped into a murder case. The murders revolve around a monster, The Hyde, and its master, but Wednesday takes a much darker approach when Wednesday herself is under attack.

Initially, Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is the nice botanical science teacher in Wednesday. However, a small detail about Thornhill’s coffee order reveals she is the killer. In episode 3, “Friend or Woe,” the supernatural Nevermore students are in the town of Jericho on Outreach Day, and some of the teachers are in the coffee shop where Tyler works. Thornhill mentions to the Mayor (Tommie Earl Jenkins) and Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) that she has a “daily matcha latte” at the coffee house. However, in episode 4, “Woe What a Night,” Tyler refers to Thornhill by her supposed daily coffee order: “double-cap, no foam, two pumps of sugar-free vanilla.

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Thornhill’s coffee order may seem unimportant or even a continuity error, but the revelation of Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Thornhill working together shows it is a big clue to Thornhill and Tyler’s identities. Thornhill and Tyler knew each other, and using the daily coffee order is a clever way to hide it as, even in a small town like Jericho, a teacher from Nevermore and a Normie would not have known each other. Both Thornhill and Tyler reciting different daily coffee orders in Wednesday was a tiny detail, but it revealed early on that they were hiding something and meeting together without anybody’s knowledge.

Thornhill’s coffee order was not the only time that hinted at her being the true villain of Wednesday. Thornhill, who turned out to be Laurel Gates, had given Wednesday plenty of hints about her identity throughout Wednesday. The first of these was the Black Dahlia that Thornhill gifted Wednesday on her arrival at Nevermore. Wednesday makes the Black Dahlia murder connection to the flower, but the Black Dahlia foreshadows Thornhill’s actions in the final episode of Wednesday as it symbolizes betrayal. Also, a big clue is that Wednesday later realized that the Hyde could be controlled by chemicals and hypnosis, and Thornhill’s skill with chemical plants enables this control.

Another big red flag to Thornhill’s intentions with Wednesday was when she gave Wednesday a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in episode 6, “Quid Pro Woe,” to cheer her up. Frankenstein is a nod to Thornhill’s plans to use body parts from the Hyde’s victims to reincarnate Joseph Crackstone. All the red flags connected to Thornhill are small and scattered throughout Wednesday, but all hint at her being the mastermind behind the secret Hyde attacks. There were many red herrings throughout the series, pointing to other characters, but Thornhill consistently foreshadowed her fate on Wednesday.

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