Are Mariska Hargitay And Debra Messing Friends?

Debra Messing talked about her shut bond with Mariska Hargitay in an open interview.

“Debra Messing, 53, referred to her son Roman, 17, and Hargitay’s son August, 15, saying, “We met and got to be friends when her son turned one years old and my son was four.”

“She asked me to his first birthday celebration in Central Park because she knew I was in New York. She claims that she never anticipated that I would actually show there, but I did.”

“The fact that we both understand what it’s like to be on a hit show with a fervent fan following is what really helps us feel safe with and noticed by each other,” in accordance with Debra Messing.

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Are Mariska Hargitay And Debra Messing Friends?

Yes, Debra Messing and Mariska Hargitay have a heartfelt friendship that has grown to be well-liked amongst Hollywood biggest buddies over the course of higher than ten years.

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