Are Paula Jai Parker And Tisha Campbell Sisters?

Tisha Campbell grew up in Newark, New Jersey after being born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Paula Jai Parker, nevertheless, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She misplaced her father when she was three years earlier, she revealed in a July 2019 interview on the DJVlad YouTube channel.

Tisha’s dad and mother, Mona and Clifton Campbell shared a love of music and impressed her to pursue a career as a singer. Tisha repeatedly posts touching motion pictures of her father on social media.

She revealed on Instagram in May of this 12 months that she visited her grandfather with the whole relations to cheer him up all through a difficult bodily properly being half.

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Are Paula Jai Parker And Tisha Campbell Sisters?

While many netizens think about Tisha and Paula are sisters, this isn’t the case on account of every have spoken about their dad and mother individually, along with shared footage and tales from their childhood.

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