Ash reunites with Butterfree 25 years after iconic Bye Bye episode

Get your tissues ready because of the newest Pokémonepisode choices the second we’ve all been prepared for: Ash lastly reunites with Butterfree.

Childhood wishes are coming true all over the place within the globe correct now as a result of the Pokémon neighborhood erupts into tears of happiness. What’s the state of affairs? Butterfree has returned to Ash Ketchum collectively with his pink companion, in reality.

The journey or die’s parted strategies in episode 21 of the distinctive sequence, titled Indigo League, in 1997. Nearly three a very long time later, the coach and his first-ever Pokémon are once more collectively. They first met when Butterfree was nonetheless Caterpie.

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Ash Ketchum reunites with Butterfree 25 years after Bye Bye episode

Who knew watching two Butterfrees fall in love may very well be so emotional? Bye Bye Butterfree is properly one in all Pokémon’s most iconic episodes, nonetheless for individuals who don’t keep in mind the plot, proper right here’s a quick recap.

Ash’s first creature pursues a pink Butterfree all through their mating season. After getting brutally rejected with a slap from her wing, Butterfree’s confidence is knocked.

When Team Rocket arrives and captures all Butterfrees apart from Ash’s, his Pokémon bravely fights in opposition to the Team to free his crush. It ends in success and the pink Butterfree falls in love with Ash’s Butterfree. The youthful coach bids farewell to the couple as they flutter off into the sunset.

If you didn’t cry as a child, we don’t take into account you.

The closing episode of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series lastly sees the return of the Butterfrees inside the end-credit scene, and we’re loving how nostalgic it’s.

Watch the touching second beneath:

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“I’m not the biggest Pokémon fan but I still remember crying over the episode where Ash let Butterfree go,” a fan tweeted. “And now you’re telling me they reunited?????? DKDJDKS I’M GONNA CRY AGAIN????”


A third fan is weeping in public: “It’s 8pm and I’m at a mall crying.”

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It’s not all good news: Ash is retiring

The momentous occasion doesn’t come and never utilizing a catch; Ash’s interval as a result of the Pokémon protagonist is coming to an in depth.

On December 16, the Pokémon Company group launched an upcoming sequence that features an all-new storyline and characters.

Ash shall be modified by a duo made up of Liko and Roy, collectively with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet characters, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. The Legendary Rayquaza in its Shiny sort may also be set to look.

The new sequence will arrive in 2023, after 11 explicit episodes to commemorate the highest of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures.

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