Aya From Podcast And Chill Speaks Up

After being fired, Aya of Podcast And Chill has in the long run spoken up.

After he launched his report a month up to now, it was talked about that Mac G fired him.

One of in all probability essentially the most heated editions of the contentious podcast’s Monday episode was hosted by MacG, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady.

My first encounter with Aya on this technique was hilarious. You had a implausible run, buddy.

While MacG didn’t elaborate on the circumstances surrounding Maligant’s termination, he did make clear why he wanted to half strategies with Aya.

However, this could possibly be the aim of competitors.

Two episodes sooner than, Podcast and Chill had delivered an episode late again on YouTube. A actuality which MacG attributed to Aya delivering the sound late. Allegedly when MacG confronted Aya, he blamed this on a family emergency he had the evening time sooner than.

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However, when MacG checked his WhatsApp statuses, he found a story the place Aya allegedly mentioned, “Nothing better than chilling with friends and listening to my own album.”

The standing gave Mac G the impression that Aya valued his report, oddly named Value of Time, better than his worthwhile podcasting career.

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