Bill Maher says Leftists ‘insane’ for not daring to criticize Sharia

He is especially right in light of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. The Left in the West and worldwide has sided with the murderous Islamic regime in Tehran.

“Bill Maher roasts ‘insane’ liberals for not calling out Islamic extremism,” by Scott Whitlock, Fox News, December 13, 2022:

Bill Maher used his “Club Random” podcast on Monday to slam those who will not defend free speech, hammering fellow liberals as “insane” and “backwards” for failing to call out Islamic extremism.

Maher had evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as a guest, where the two criticized the assumption that if you believe COVID originated in a lab, “you were a Republican.”

“That’s insane,” Maher said.

Maher and Dawkins discussed the decision by the Sundance film festival to pull a Guantánamo Bay documentary entitled “Jihad Rehab” after left-leaning groups said it “promoted harmful stereotypes about Islam.”

“We’ve come to this place where you can’t even go near a topic, certain topics, without the mob coming after you,” Dawkins said.

Maher marveled at his fellow liberals, “Yes, it’s so insane how backward their thinking is.”

“If it was just a society that decided tomorrow to throw a f—ing burlap bag over every woman, like head to toe, like a tarp on a motorboat and the liberals – what would you say about that, liberals? If it was the news in the paper tomorrow? Uh, you know, ‘Iran to begin covering women completely.’ Would we just, ‘Oh, okay well you know,’” the comedian rhetorically asked.

“Well, they’re terrified of being thought racist,” Dawkins responded….

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