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Boie Toothbrush Review

Boie Toothbrush Review: To some, evaluating a toothbrush may seem strange, but this one is quite extraordinary. Boie USA (pronounced BWAH) toothbrush is incredibly soft and completely recyclable. When I was looking for a vegan and cruelty-free toothbrush, I came upon it online. For years, I’ve used an Oral-B electric toothbrush, but now I’m aware that they employ animals. There’s no way. I’d heard about biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes.

Boie Toothbrush Review

This sounds fantastic until you realize how much bacteria a porous toothbrush must harbor and how unpleasant it must be to brush with a stick with bristles. Both points were supported by online reviews. Because the nylon bristles are not biodegradable, it is best to snap off the head and discard it. Nah. Onward. My most recent purchase was a Preserve toothbrush with new nylon bristles and 100 percent recycled (and recyclable) plastic. This is an excellent choice, and it was the best I could find. My delicate gums enjoyed the ultra-soft brushes, but my teeth never felt fully clean. One question I had was what happens to the nylon when the handle is recycled.

I’m quite sure that was thrown out, but I can’t find any proof. I thought recycling so much plastic was a travesty. Don’t get me wrong: I would rather recycle than not recycle. However, as we all know, recycling plastics uses a lot of resources, therefore we should always try to cut back. I remembered how much plastic my electric toothbrush’s new heads saved. Still, I believed Preserve toothbrushes were the best, and I used them for a long time (and I continue to use their razors to this day).

Then there was an Instagram ad for Boie USA toothbrushes. It’s an unusual and intriguing object. It resembles a toothbrush and one of those rubber pet hair mitts. At first, I had no idea what it was. The antimicrobial silver-embedded bristles, the long-lasting heads… and the fact that they were easily interchangeable! Now I had to give it a shot. It comes in four different colors, but your girl needed pink. The brush comes with one head and costs $12, with replacement heads costing $5 each.

CareOne, Boie USA (random drugstore brand)

I’ve never been so enthusiastic about brushing my teeth. It was a ruse, and I dashed to the restroom. The Preserve and the Boie both have curved handles, but they curve in opposite directions, so brushing may require some relearning of angles. The size of Boie is maybe most noticeable (apart from the wild bristles). The Preserve (above) has a larger head (and neck? ), but the handle is narrower in depth. The handle on Preserve is adequate, while Boie’s is too narrow.

Use it right now. I have sensitive gums, as I previously stated. My gums bled every time I brush my teeth. I assumed I’d have to put up with it indefinitely. Guys. Guuyyyys. My gums were in good shape. None. Not in the least. My gums were bleeding by the end of the first brushing. So I was scrubbing really hard because I thought this new toothbrush needed more pressure because they weren’t bleeding. Nope. Nothing. Following that, sore gums felt stimulated. My teeth were immaculate. It took some practice to get into all the nooks and crannies of my mouth with the larger head, but I got it the second time.

Boie Toothbrush Review
Boie Toothbrush Review

Take my word for it that they’re working on a smaller version. I like that the heads are replaceable and recyclable, in addition to being my favorite toothbrush. Everything has a disadvantage. Plastic is #7, and many recycling centers refuse to accept it. My plan is to keep a small mailer beneath my bathroom sink where I can collect used heads and return them to Boie USA’s recycling program once the envelope is full (which could take a decade!). They’re also only available online, so there’s no rushing out to grab a few heads in an emergency. Maybe it will change one day. Overall, this is a fantastic victory. BPA-free, recyclable, and oh-so-gentle. One of the best purchases I’ve made this year.

Looking for a more sanitary approach to dental Hygiene

It started out as a Kickstarter initiative and has now expanded into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. The bristles and toothbrush head are impregnated with silver, which destroys bacteria on contact and keeps it out of your mouth. Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush that has been exposed to microorganisms for months is, as you might assume, not the most sanitary practice. The fact that Boie’s brush is only $10 is self-evident.

Your existing toothbrush will most likely only last a few months, depending on how you brush. You’re contributing to the annual waste of 50 million pounds of plastic by replacing it regularly. Boie has created toothbrush heads that can be readily removed and changed for a fraction of the price, sparing you from having to throw away the entire toothbrush. As a result, replacement costs are decreased and environmental waste is reduced. You won’t have to change the heads as often if they’re made of a rubber-like material, which will save you money. As part of their community-centered business model, they also make all of their materials and production in the United States.

Since initially discovering about them, I’ve used one and gifted one to a friend

Despite the fact that the heads appear to be overly harsh on my teeth and gums, I have never felt better after using this brush. I use a generic drugstore toothbrush when I forget to charge my electric toothbrush or when it is too harsh on my teeth. The Boie toothbrush serves as both for me. Despite the larger, harder bristles, it has never caused any bleeding in my gums while I was using it, and it leaves my teeth feeling cleaner. I’ll keep using my electric toothbrush (they’re expensive), and I haven’t tried any of the newer versions yet, but for $10, I’m satisfied.

Recyclable Towels

The Boie toothbrush is 100% recyclable, just as it claims. As previously indicated, this could be a big selling feature for some, so let’s have a look at it before evaluating the brush’s effectiveness. In a society plagued by ever-increasing volumes of plastic trash, the fact that this toothbrush is “100% recyclable” is becoming a more important marketing argument for environmentally aware consumers.

Boie Toothbrush Review

Usability, cleanliness, and regular use

Despite multiple studies demonstrating the benefits of electric toothbrushes, many people prefer to clean their teeth by hand. You’re putting your oral health and yourself in danger if you don’t brush twice a day for two minutes with any type of toothbrush. It’s time to replace your old toothbrush with a Boie. The first thing that comes to mind is this. Although it looks similar to a manual toothbrush, there are a few subtle differences that set this brush apart. Despite the fact that the Boie brush comes in only one style, version 2.0 is an incremental improvement over version 1.0. This manufacturer, unlike many others, exclusively produces one style of toothbrush.

A boie toothbrush’s backside

The Boie Original toothbrush comes in four different color schemes. It’s satisfying to be able to express your personal preferences in some way. It also comes in an environmentally friendly cardboard sleeve. Despite its modest curve, the Boie appears practically flat in comparison to most other brushes. Holding an ice cream lollipop on a lollipop stick is the closest analogy I can think of.

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