BREAKING: Nigeria Army Welcomes Investigation Of Alleged Mass Abortion By Human Rights Commission

The Chief of Defense Staff, General Lucky Irabor has said that the Nigerian Army will accept the findings of a panel set to be established by the National Human Rights Commission on the report of alleged abortion of 10,000 babies by operatives.

Irabor said this on Friday when he visited the NHRC headquarters with senior officials following the Commission’s resolve on Friday, to constitute a panel of investigation on the matter.

Recall that Reuters reported that the victims had been kidnapped and raped by Islamist militants, but were later rescued by the military and had their babies allegedly aborted.

Irabor had dismissed the allegations as “nonsense”

THE WHISTLER had asked the NHRC Director Women and Children Department, Harry Obe, on what the commission would do about the allegation.

The Commission is constitutionally responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights while carrying out investigation into allegations of abuses.

He said the NHRC will “contact the Nigerian Army to confirm or deny” the investigation by Reuters and decide on probing it.

Speaking to the press again at the NHRC chambers, Irabor denied the allegations in the Reuters report.

He maintained that the Reuters Report was false.

However, responding to the question on whether he would accept the report of the NHRC panel if it indicts the military, he promised to accept it.

Irabor said ,” It is obvious, if I have any reason not to accept, I would not have been here.

“I know the orders that I have given the army that I lead.

“Armed forces is the one that is accused, and you cannot be a judge in your own case.

“Yes Of course, we will(accept the panel report).”

After he spoke, the NHRC Executive Security, Tony Ojukwu SAN said he welcomes the cooperation of the military regarding its decision to investigate the allegations.

” Accordingly, your visit and request has coincided with the resolve of the NHRC to investigate the allegations in the Reuters report because of the human rights implication of the reports.

“As we look forward to announcing further steps in the near future towards the constitution of the panel of investigation into the Reuters report, please accept the warm regards of the National Human Rights Commission,” he said.

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