Breaking: Peter Obi’s Manifesto Is Better Than That Of Atiku, Tinubu- Stears

The manifesto of the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has been adjudged better and more feasible than that of Atiku’s and Tinubu’s by a data policy analysis team Stears.


Newsonline reports that Stears report stated that in agriculture, economy, electricity and other economic indices, the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi showed more understanding of Nigeria’s development problems and in his manifesto lay out a clear and feasible plan on how to solve the problems.


The report published on its website stated that though the presidential candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar, in their manifestoes showed good understanding of the problems confronting the country, but their plans on how to resolve the problems are shallow and not feasible.


“On a brighter note, plans for the power and agricultural sectors showed that the parties understood the sectors’ challenges.



“Still, neither manifesto inspired confidence that either candidate could steer Nigeria in the right direction,” Stears wrote.


On the plans of the three major presidential candidates to address the perennial electricity problem confronting the country, Stears said, “Unlike the PDP and APC, it was interesting that the Labour party’s power manifesto plans ended with financing sources, from long-term multilateral debt and project finance to private sector support.


Essentially, excluding the generation gaffes, the LP demonstrates a better understanding of the issues in the power sector.


“The APC manifesto showcased an excellent understanding of the root causes of Nigeria’s inflation (i.e. insecurity, flooding, bad/inadequate infrastructure etc.) but applied the wrong countermeasures. Meanwhile, PDP guarantees an independent CBN but doesn’t address structural challenges contributing to Nigeria’s inflation and naira volatility.


“Here’s how the Labour party’s candidate, Peter Obi (PO) plans to tackle this dilemma.


“His plans showcase a holistic understanding of the fundamental issues (low productivity) and ineffectiveness of the current monetary policy regime in achieving low inflation and naira stability.


“PO (Peter Obi) acknowledges that the root causes of Nigeria’s inflation and foreign exchange dilemmas are more supply-side driven (again, low productivity) and requires a mix of fiscal and monetary policy interventions,” the report said on inflation and forex.


Stears again commended the former governor of Anambra’s understanding of the agricultural sector and how to tackle the challenges confronting farmers.


“The APC and PDP clearly understand a few issues, like farmers’ poverty and funding plaguing agriculture. Still, there were a lot of grey areas around implementation and zero points for novelty.
Like Tinubu’s plans, export promotion is Peter Obi’s goal. Still, PO’s plans show a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between agricultural productivity, industrial growth, and insecurity. Nigeria is stuck in the primary production stage—we only produce raw materials (even in exportable quantities). So, improving the value chain of commodities is the answer, and industries are the catalyst you need. This is Obi’s plan, read more.


“Ultimately, the Labour Party plans to marry the long-separated couple (agriculture and industry), which is a big leap towards economic development,” the report stated.

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