‘Disrespectful’ Billie Eilish AI artwork pictures slammed by followers

Billie Eilish followers have been left outraged after quite a lot of disrespectful AI artwork pictures of the Ocean Eyes singer went viral on-line.

The AI sample emerged in early December and sees of us creating cartoon pictures of themselves and celebrities.

People are using each type of apps and web sites to create these pictures, and the sample started off light-hearted and harmless.

However, followers are literally slamming the issue after ill-mannered images of Billie started flooding the online.

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Disrespectful Billie Eilish AI artwork goes viral

The AI-generated pictures which could be upsetting followers are ones that sexualize Billie Eilish. We acquired’t be inserting them on this text out of respect for the star nevertheless they’re flooding TikTok and Twitter.

The fake images, created using apps similar to Lensa and Midjourney, current the singer with certain physique elements enhanced.

Vice explains one video “featuring the singer’s face on sexually exaggerated bodies” had obtained larger than 11 million views in merely 4 days.

Some of the pictures are moreover deepfakes, which is a “video that replaces someone’s face with that of someone else in a way that appears real,” Cambridge Dictionary explains.

Fans slam ‘disgusting’ fake images

Many followers have taken to Twitter to condemn the images and the oldsters making them.

One particular person wrote: “The AI-generated recreations of Billie Eilish are so absolutely revolting and disrespectful. I cannot imagine seeing someone do that to a photo of me. Y’all treat celebs like objects – it’s horrifying.”

Another tweeted that with AI advancing so shortly, it was sadly “only a matter of time before news like this becomes normalized.” They added: “At what point is this kind of media no longer considered art? Kind of scary to think about!”

“Those AI-generated Billie Eilish pics are so disgusting,” a third particular person wrote, slamming the horrible sample.

Actress Megan Fox simply recently hit once more on the sample too, sharing some AI images of herself on Instagram and writing: “Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked??”

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Star wears saggy clothes so she is going to be capable to’t be ‘judged’

On many occasions Billie has opened up about how she chooses to placed on saggy clothes so no one can select her physique.

“It kind of gives nobody the opportunity to judge what your body looks like,” she suggested Vogue Australia in 2019. “I want layers and layers and layers and I want to be mysterious.”

In a Calvin Klein advert within the equivalent 12 months, she acknowledged: “Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath, you know? Nobody can be like, ‘She’s slim-thick’, ‘She’s not slim-thick’, ‘She’s got a flat a**’, ‘She got a fat a**.’ Nobody can say any of that because they don’t know.”

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