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Estrid Razor Review

Estrid Razor Review: Shaving is one thing I always forget to do. Because I’ve always used the same brand, I’ve never given much thought to the brands of the things I use. After that, I kept running into Estrid. It’s easy to say that the colorful handles captured me after reading multiple positive reviews. I was planning on purchasing this for myself, but Estrid contacted me first. Although I was provided the razor, I am solely responsible for my own views and comments.

Estrid Razor Review

In the English language, what does Estrid mean?

Estrid is a Scandinavian vegan razor subscription service. Because of their adorable and useful design, they’ve taken over Instagram. Estrid believes that any method of hair removal is fine as long as it is done correctly. I really like the inspirational quotes that appear on all of the packaging. Medica Mondiale, the Fawcett Society, or Kvinna will receive a portion of every transaction made through Estrid until Kvinna receives a portion of every sale made through Estrid. During the month of October, 2% of all pink razor sales were donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Each transaction completed using the code Smooth will earn the Fawcett Society an extra £1.

Subscription Services

For £7.95, you can create your own starter kit. The steel handle, wall holder, and two cartridges are included in the starter package. When you place your order, you can choose from the colors Blush, Cloud (grey), Space Lilac (blue), Peach, and Lemonade. I chose Blush since pink is one of my favorite colors. Choose how often you’d want to obtain replacement cartridges based on how often you shave. The cost is £9.95, and you receive four cartridges for that amount. However, you can cancel, pause, or skip your membership at any time for any reason. The Estrid Razor is not only beautiful in appearance and packaging, but it also performs admirably.

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I was hesitant to use it at first because I was afraid of hurting myself, but I soon realized it was an excellent tool for the job. As a result, I’ve been relieved to discover that I haven’t… It appeared that nothing was occurring at first, but when I double-checked, I discovered that all of my hair had vanished. It vanished in an instant, and I didn’t even notice. The razor’s robust and high-quality grip makes it easy to hold. It may sound strange, but having a strong foundation to work from makes shaving easier. This razor, unlike others on the market, does not feel cheap or flimsy.

Be cautious since the blades are quite sharp. I recommend shaving with a soft touch because I’m clumsy and cut myself with the razor the first time I used it. After realizing how sharp the blades were, I just applied light pressure. What went wrong? Skin that is velvety and smooth. The Estrid Razor’s soothing lubricating strips keep your skin from becoming irritated or harsh after shaving. This was a recurring issue with previous razors, but I enjoy how delicate this one is on my skin. The razor is practically undetectable as it glides over your skin. Furthermore, I appreciate the brand’s statement that shaving is a personal choice. Because of this, there are negative connotations associated with women having to shave.

Estrid Razor Review
Estrid Razor Review

Don’t you think that sounds quite pleasant?

When I arrived home and opened my gift, I discovered a wall mount in the same color as my razor handle, complete with a rubber sucker attachment. To be honest, I was disappointed, but I decided to reserve judgment until I had used it. Let’s get started shaving without further ado. Estrid believes that shaving is a personal choice, regardless of where on the body you want to shave or how often you want to shave. Then count me in! I, on the other hand, frequently dismiss the existence of shaving and proceed to shave my entire body in one sitting.


Over the years, I’m sure I’ve wasted a considerable chunk of my shaving cash on inefficient razors that I’ve had to toss so quickly. The £7.95 starter set is fantastic value for money when considering the quality and weight of the Estrid razor. Estrid, on the other hand, is a longer-term investment for me because I know it will be gentle on my skin. Shaving my legs was a lot of fun and a lot simple using this razor. When I moved, the razor head moved a little, but not as much as some other razors. It was a perfect weight.

Rather than forcing me to work hard and hold myself in weird angles to have a good all-around shave, it did all the work for me. Following a shave, the aloe vera and vitamin E strip were definitely doing the most for my skin’s moisture and smoothness. It was also a pleasurable pleasure to use. While using this razor, my legs felt like they were getting a treat, and I’m not sure if that makes sense or if I’m coming off as a complete snob. I’m baffled. I hope you understand what I’m saying!

The razor, however, is quite large, both in terms of the handle and the cartridge, due to the fact that it contains five blades. So I had some trouble shaving around my ankles and the backs of my knees, and I nicked myself in both places, which isn’t unusual for me when I shave, but I had hoped to avoid it with this razor. I tried shaving my bikini line and the region under my arms with it as well, but the razor cartridge was too wide and flat for the smaller, more delicate areas of my skin, making a close shave difficult. To my disappointment, I had no choice but to continue the job with my old razor.

What should I buy and where can I obtain it?

The Estrid Razor is available for £7.95 from Estrid. The kit comes with two blades, a wall-mount for the razors, and a pouch to store the razor when not in use. This is a fantastic offer. This is a good offer if you’re searching for a high-quality vegan razor with a decent mindset! For a one-time price of £9.95, Estrid will send you four replacement cartridges if you sign up for their service. It is also possible to cancel. This is a fantastic incentive, and I intend to take advantage of it!

Estrid Razor Review

Review and documentation of the packaged Estrid razor

The lubricating strip that covers the razor cartridges contains cacao seed butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil. This indicates that the skin has been moisturized and softened. However, I prefer to moisturize my limbs with a light layer of my favorite moisturizer. Unlike the other razors I’ve tested, the handle of this one is not flimsy. Because the steel handle is exposed to moisture, I’m pretty sure these will rust if not thoroughly dried.


If you’re looking for a new razor, I strongly advise you to look at Estrid. The quality is exceptional, and I love the convenience of being able to skip a month or cancel at any time, not to mention the cost savings. You should also utilize the wall holder that comes with your starting kit since I neglected to do so and had to wash the hydrating strip because it had turned into a gooey mess when I picked it up again.

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