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Father Kills Daughter In Tinley Park Il

Father Kills Daughter In Tinley Park Il: A 17-year-old girl was killed just days after her father stated he “did not trust her” to attend a school prom, according to court records in the Chicago region. Tinley Park, Illinois – Tinley Park. Because he didn’t trust his daughter, the father of a 17-year-old Tinley Park girl revoked her prom permission. She voiced anxiety just days before she was found dead in her home that he may “kill her.”

Father Kills Daughter In Tinley Park Il

Mohammed Almaru, 42, is accused of killing his daughter, Mia Maro, 17 before police arrived at the family’s home in the 7800 block of West 167th Place on Sunday. He’s been charged with murder in the first degree. Responding officials discovered Maro dead in the basement of the residence. All of her arms, legs, feet, chest, cranium, and face were bruised. A guy from Tinley Park has been charged with the murder of his teenage daughter. Almaru was discovered with self-inflicted wounds on his wrist and throat. They discovered a box cutter near his right hand, in addition to the blood-splattered sock, pants, and shirt. He was stabilized at Advocate Christ Medical Center after taking medications and was taken to the hospital.

Maro was a senior at Victor Andrew High School, only weeks away from graduation. The school’s senior prom was scheduled for Friday, April 29. According to court documents, the adolescent had discussed her prom arrangements with her father and received his agreement for the prom outfit she should wear. Almaru, on the other hand, had changed his mind the day before, claiming that he no longer trusted her and that she did not have permission to visit. Mia Maro’s aunts are Mohammed Almaru’s sisters, Randa Almaru and Linda Maro. Audrey Jorgensen, the adolescent’s mother, had a medical issue in the spring of 2019 that need 24-hour care. Jorgensen is mostly looked after by his aunts, who are both in their twenties.

Randa Almaru visited Jorgensen at his Home

So she made plans with Mia Maro to come home early from school the day she had to leave and get at her house by 11:30 a.m. When she didn’t show up, she texted her. According to the juvenile who admitted to rear-ending someone while driving his car, her father was going to “beat her ass” and she was frightened he was going to “kill her.” Linda Maro was caring for Jorgensen on Friday, April 29 when she used the Find My iPhone feature to follow her niece, Mia Maro, to see if she had gone to prom that night.

It had departed Tinley Park but ended up in Warrenville instead of downtown Chicago, where the prom was being held. The phone remained in that position for around 15 minutes before returning to Tinley Park, according to court filings. The phone then traveled to Arlington Heights, where it stayed for 15 minutes before returning to Tinley Park. On Saturday, April 30, Linda Maro attempted to contact the 17-year-old but received no response. Her niece was astonished to find their drapes closed when she returned home because they were always open in the morning.

Father Kills Daughter In Tinley Park Il
Father Kills Daughter In Tinley Park Il

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Linda Maro texted the teen again the next day, May 1, but he didn’t respond this time. The adolescent’s guardian, Mohammed Almaru, responded to her text within an hour. When she hadn’t heard from Randa Almaru in an hour, she began messaging and calling her. It was determined that they would break into the house to see if the girl was okay. That afternoon, Mohammed Almaru texted a photo of himself carrying a letter accusing his wife, Jorgensen, to his son, who does not live in the house. He claimed she had convinced his daughter that he didn’t love her. He said that he had to “beat [the information] out of her” because the teen was withholding something from him.

Behind the Incident

When he said he checked her phone, she said he discovered information she hadn’t told him about. “I lost my mind went out of control and beat the out of her and accidentally hit her in the head, then I lied down with her unconscious [sic] and woke up to her cold body,” he said when he awoke. Following that, he gave his son the code to his safe and his banking information, telling him to withdraw money and apologizing, adding, “If—-ed up big time, I’m sorry.”

When the aunts arrived at the house, Mohammed Almaru asked one of his aunts to sit with his wife while he worked on papers, according to court documents. Randa sensed something was awry as soon as the noises started. She found the adolescent snuggled up in a blanket on the floor with her brother’s arm over her once inside. 9-1-1 was dialed. According to an autopsy, the 17-year-and old’s body was covered in bruises, with severe hemorrhaging and bleeding. Her brain had made multiple contacts with her skull, as shown by the fact that her skull was still intact. According to officials, the blood and hair were discovered on a metal rod in the kitchen. The blood of the teen was also discovered on a rubber mallet in the garage. A tarp and bungee cords were also discovered.

According to a message from the school’s principal, counselors and social workers would be available to students throughout the week. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Mia Maro’s burial costs. The page has received roughly $30,000 in donations as of Thursday morning. According to court documents, Almaru claimed he hit his daughter because he couldn’t get information from her. “I was really just here visiting my sister on Thursday, and Mia and I were sitting on the couch together,” Jennings says. She was also discussing her future plans and what she planned to do after Andrew left. “She had a big impact on everyone she knew,” Maro Jaroch’s cousin Gianna Jaroch said.

Maro was rumored to be exploring a career in dentistry by family

According to family members, Maro’s mother, who had a brain injury in 2019, is mostly nonverbal and requires 24-hour care. “On behalf of the whole Village of Tinley Park, I’d like to extend my profound regrets to everyone who knew and loved Mia,” Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz said in a statement. ” According to all accounts, she was a lovely young lady just getting started in life, a life she will never have. We send our sympathies to her family, friends, and Andrew High School classmates.”

Mia Maro’s death was ruled a homicide by a coroner at Tinley Park. After a student was shot and murdered over the weekend, the Tinley Park, Illinois, the school community was in mourning on Monday. Dr. Abir Othman, the principal of Andrew High School, issued a statement on Monday expressing her profound condolences to Maro’s family. According to Othman, the Andrew High School community is mourning Mia Maro’s death today.

Mia’s family is in our thoughts and prayers, and we ask that you do the same. The family had lived in the southwest suburban home for a long time, according to Walsh. At the house, there has never been a domestic disturbance reported to the police. DCFS stated to FOX32 on Wednesday that they had no prior contact with the family.

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