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Five types of loans you can get on VULTe

In the last couple of years, the number of financial institutions giving loans soared astronomically. However, the process of obtaining such loans is stringent and the requirements are herculean, but not with VULTe.

VULTe is a digital Bank by Polaris Bank which offers individuals and SMEs exciting products and features to improve their banking experience. Below are some of the loans you can acquire on VULTe:

  • Term loan: Get up to N20 million to expand your business and spread payment over up to 24 months.
  • Overdraft: This facility allows you to overdraw your account up to N20 million to take care of business emergencies
  • Auto Loan: to purchase a personal car and commute in style and comfort
  • Polaris Salary Advance: for salary earners to attend to needs that could not wait till payday.
  • Polaris Lite loans: This helps you take care of personal needs such as medical bills, school fees, etc.

Additionally, you enjoy below enthralling experiences using VULTe:

  • No Bank visits. Start and complete your banking on VULTe without needing to visit a branch.
  • Absolutely no collateral is needed. You do not need to tender real estate documents or any other property as collateral in the loan application.
  • No paperwork is needed. No printing, signing, posting or processing of paper documents in the loan application.
  • It is convenient to use on all devices (android, IOS and the web).
  • Apply for loans with ease on your mobile devices and get approval in minutes.

VULTe is available to new and existing customers. Download the VULTe Digital Bank app on your android or IOS devices or simply visit to get started.


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