Germany: Vice president of German Football Association says Qatar’s culture and heritage should be respected

Of course, all individuals should be respected, and Qatar is a sovereign nation that can enforce the laws it chooses to enforce. The only problem with the World Cup were Westerners who had been so lulled by 20 years of Religion-of-Peace propaganda that they assumed that Qatar would be a Western-style secular state and endorse all of the West’s current cultural fads. It doesn’t, and no one had any reason ever to expect otherwise if they had been prepared to face the facts about Islam and its impact on the culture of the nation and the surrounding region.

Note also that if any German official said that German culture should be respected, he or she would be charged with “Islamophobia” and excoriated accordingly.

“Qatar criticism too harsh, its culture should be respected, top German football official says,” by Fatemeh Salari, Doha News, December 15, 2022:

Critics went too far in attacking Qatar for its hosting of the World Cup, the vice president of the German Football Association has said, adding that the country’s culture and heritage should be respected.

Ronnie Zimmerman told the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday that the extreme criticism and condemnation of Qatar since 2010 was not the proper course of action.

“I consider the general and absolute rejection an exaggeration, because it does not lead to anything but rejection from the other side,” he said.

Qatar has “changed a lot of things positively in recent years, also with regard to working conditions for foreign workers,” he added.

Zimmerman said that after speaking to citizens and foreign and European workers who have lived in Qatar for several years, he saw a different picture of the country.

“I came to an Arab country for the first time in my life and after all the negative reports, frankly, I was very surprised by the openness and friendliness of our reception,” Zimmerman said….

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser…paid a two-day visit to the Qatari capital amid a feud that was sparked over her public criticism of Qatar’s hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“It is important to support the country of Qatar in groundbreaking reforms,” Faeser said.

“That is why I have decided to continue to be part of the process and travel to the first match of the German team.”

However, Faeser went on to wear the controversial OneLove armband in support of the LGBTQ Community during Germany’s match against Japan.

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