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Glorilla Posted A Job Application To Hire A Personal Assistant For $500 A Week Sparks Hilarious Reactions

Glorilla recently shared that she is seeking a personal assistant for $550 a week on social media. In her job application, the musician outlined the key responsibilities of the employee. As part of the “qualifications” section, she also listed essential qualifications, such as excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, customer service skills, organizational skills, and time management skills. Multitasking, prioritizing workloads, paying close attention to detail, and organizing and managing deliveries are also required of the assistant. Moreover, Glorilla said that the employee should have a high school diploma and maintain discretion and confidentiality.

Immediately after the application was posted online, it sparked hysterical responses on social media, including a suggestion that people could easily earn the same amount at McDonald’s by working a shift. It’s a lot to accomplish for just $550 a week, one user commented. As a barista, I make more money, bye another user wrote. She responded to the criticism during an Instagram live and defended her decision around the proposed payment to her personal assistant as comments continued to pour in online. A recent episode of Lip Service Podcast brought the rapper into the spotlight after she made a bizarre comment about fries while discussing a “nasty” bedroom secret.

Glorilla Personal Assistant Job Application Sparks Funny Reactions From Netizens Online

According to Glorilla, she is seeking a personal assistant for $550 a week on social media. During the application process, the musician highlighted the key responsibilities of the position. In the “qualifications” section, she also specified that the assistant should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, excellent customer service skills, and excellent organizational and time management skills. As well as multitasking, prioritizing workloads, providing a high level of attention to detail, and organizing all deliveries, an assistant is required to be multi-skilled. As well as having a high school diploma, Glorilla recommended that the employee maintain discretion and confidentiality. Her assistant would be responsible for managing calendars, scheduling meetings, maintaining personal or non-work-related event and appointment schedules, arranging travel plans and itineraries, and coordinating safety protocols with security, road managers, and drivers, according to the rapper.

Additionally, the assistant will be required to accompany the rapper to work and personal events, organize meals, assist with grocery shopping and mail pickup, maintain the rapper’s closets and receipts, and manage her personal possessions. In addition, the job application mentioned that the employee would even be required to run errands for the musician during the week and on weekends. Social media users had hilarious reactions to the application, with some saying it is as easy as working a shift at McDonald’s to earn the same amount of money. Netizens took to Twitter to discuss Glorilla’s job requirements, including its responsibilities and salary range. During an Instagram live, the rapper responded to the criticism and defended her decision pertaining to the proposed payment to her personal assistant as online reactions continued to roll in. Basically, she explained that flights and travel were covered. If you wanted a higher salary, you could pay for your own flights and travel and see how much those 500-dollar-ass tickets would cost. I regularly fly.

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