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Hilarious Club Renaissance Memes Trending On Social Media After Beyoncé Announces Surprise Event

It didn’t take long for Club Renaissance memes to flood online after Beyonce announced her surprise two-day event in Los Angeles. It’s been a few months since the singer released her latest album, but it’s still generating a lot of buzzes. On 15th December, a number of people received emails about Club Renaissance, an event taking place over two days in Los Angeles. Amazon Music announced on Thursday a pair of Los Angeles shows to mark Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album’s six-month anniversary. A location has not yet been revealed for the mysterious Club Renaissance parties. The venue for Beyoncé’s event will be revealed to “confirmed guests” on Saturday, as well as those who got free tickets on her website before they sold out.

The Amazon Music website stated that the events are for adults 21 and older and that there are a limited number of non-transferable tickets per person. Celebrities took part in a Studio 54-themed party in a New York hotel for the album’s August release party. The album was billed as Club Renaissance. In addition to attending the Paris event, Bey also attended the New York event. 29th July marked the release of the first part of the album. Following weeks of anticipation, the singer finally released the album after teasing it for a long time. After the release of Part 1 in July, fans are eagerly anticipating Part 2. The fans are also hoping she’ll reveal more details about a tour at the same time.

Beyonce Announces A Surprise Event Ridding Twitter With Club Renaissance Memes

Club Renaissance memes flooded the internet as soon as Beyonce announced her surprise two-day Los Angeles event. Even though the singer’s new album has been out for a couple of months, the craze around it hasn’t died down. Club Renaissance is a two-day event in Los Angeles that several people received emails about on 15th December. Parkwood Entertainment is hosting the event and Amazon Music will be presenting it. It was marked as Club Renaissance and titled Renaissance in Spatial Audio. Two days of the event will be held on the 17th and 18th of December at 9 p.m. There has been no announcement of the location, so only those with tickets can find out. It is likely that the location will be revealed in the coming weeks, given the way social media finds out everything.

According to a tweet from Amazon Music, the events are only open to people 21 and over and tickets are non-transferable. Variety reports that Beyoncé’s company Parkwood is inviting attendees to a listening party featuring “Renaissance” in spatial audio. As soon as Club Renaissance was mentioned on the internet, memes followed. As one Twitter user put it: Not Beyoncé dropped Club Renaissance tickets during a meeting and they sold out in a blink of an eye. As another user pointed out, both the ticket’s dates sold out in 15 minutes. I fear when tour tickets go on sale. A third user joked, I never wanted to give Beyoncé money so much as I wanted club Renaissance tickets. A user wrote, I’m so frustrated…speeded out of work for a better signal, but still couldn’t get my ticket.

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