How Did Biden’s Gender-Fluid Nuclear Luggage Thief Get a High Security Clearance?

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In the end, he just had too much baggage. Sam Brinton, the Biden administration’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy at the Department of Energy, is now out of a job after being charged with felony theft and grand larceny for taking bags that didn’t belong to him at the Minneapolis and Las Vegas airports. But Old Joe Biden’s handlers still have a great deal to answer for regarding Brinton. Most notably, there’s this: how did this clown who appeared far more interested in showing himself off wearing women’s clothes than in actually dealing with nuclear waste get a high-level security clearance?

There will probably never be any answer to that question, given the sycophantic Leftist establishment media, but it remains an urgent question given the likelihood — actually, the outright certainty — that this administration will continue to appoint people more for their symbolic value than for their abilities. Did Brinton get rushed a security clearance because of his cardinal importance to the administration as, in Brinton’s own words, “the first gender fluid person in federal government leadership”? Will the administration give out high-level security clearances to anyone who can help them show how attuned they are to the latest Leftist cultural fads?

The Daily Caller reported Wednesday that according to “a former Justice Department Official in the Environment and Natural Resources Division,” it’s juuuust possible that “due diligence on Brinton was sidestepped over concerns about discrimination law and public accusations of discrimination against an LGBTQ person.” No kidding, really? How likely is it that Brinton received special consideration for a security clearance because the administration was so very eager to have on board a cross-dressing, gender-fluid individual with plural pronouns for his singular self? About as likely as the possibility that Old Joe Biden will garble an English sentence tomorrow.

But in this, the administration is yet again playing a dangerous game. “Such an action would be irresponsible, the former official said, as Brinton’s position within the Energy Department requires comprehensive knowledge of America’s nuclear secrets and extra vetting known as a Q clearance, which can take months to obtain if the bureaucratic process is not expedited.” Irresponsible? Well, let’s not get carried away. It’s really all a matter of priorities. If your priority is to protect the people of the United States from possible devastation from nuclear waste, then “irresponsible” is not a strong enough word. But if your priority is earning some woke points from your fantasy-addled far-Left base, then giving Brinton high-level clearance was the height of responsibility. And we all know what this administration’s priorities are.

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