How Did Bocelli Go Blind?

Andrea Bocelli is an professional singer and instrumentalist who hails from a village in Tuscany in Italy. Bocelli has established himself as one in every of many all-time greats in opera and classical music alongside along with his distinctive tunes.

He developed a passion for music all through his early childhood and commenced composing his private songs. Bocelli has acquired quite a lot of awards and accolades for his performances.

How Did Bocelli Go Blind?

The veteran singer who’s sixty-four years of age was born with congenital glaucoma which impaired his imaginative and prescient. This was probably due to issues inside the being pregnant, nonetheless, Bocelli praises his mother’s choice to nonetheless have him whatever the doctor’s suggestion and acknowledged that’s his motivation to oppose abortion.

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Just sooner than he turned a teenager, Bocelli misplaced his imaginative and prescient totally due to a soccer accident. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage after he was struck inside the eye whereas participating in as a goalkeeper. In a decided attempt to revive his sight, docs turned to leeches, nonetheless they failed, and he remained blind.

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