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Innovation and Disruption: Hanu’s Vision for Fintech in Africa

Patricia Technologies has established itself as a thought leader in the Crypto & Blockchain space in Africa and is gaining recognition on a global scale. The company is known for its high transaction volume and efforts to increase the adoption of Crypto by powering everyday use cases.

Over the past five years, Patricia Technologies has greatly increased the number of crypto-aware Africans and has continued to educate enthusiasts about the technology.

Recently, the CEO & founder of Patricia Technologies spoke at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the world’s premier tech conferences.

The Web Summit (which originally was held in Dublin, Ireland until 2016 when it was moved to Lisbon)is a prestigious global technology conference that brings together leaders from the tech industry, including founders and CEOs of tech companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and heads of state, to discuss the future of technology.

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At the recent Web Summit conference in Lisbon, Portugal, the CEO of Patricia Technologies sat down with Kimberley Waldron to discuss the future of fintech in Africa. Hanu shared the story of how Patricia Technologies had grown from a small gift card exchange to Africa’s largest Crypto exchange by transaction volume. He discussed how the company had disrupted the traditional financial system with its smooth and innovative financial solutions, and how it had continued to push the boundaries of what was possible in the Crypto and blockchain space.

Hanu spoke about the company’s efforts to increase Crypto adoption by powering everyday transactional use cases, and the impact that this had had on the number of Africans who are now crypto-aware. He emphasized the importance of increasing awareness, funding, and access to technology advancements in Africa, and the role that mentorship, incubation, and education can play in fostering the growth of the fintech industry on the continent.

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Hanu also highlighted Patricia Technologies’ pioneering work in the space, including the launch of Africa’s first Crypto debit card. This groundbreaking product allows users to easily and securely spend their Crypto in everyday transactions and has helped to increase the practicality and utility of Crypto for everyday use.

Overall, Hanu expressed his belief in Africa’s potential to lead the conversation around Crypto, Web3, and blockchain, and his commitment to fostering the growth of the fintech industry on the continent. He discussed the opportunities that exist in the Crypto space, and how they are not limited by geography. He also emphasized the need for collaboration and cooperation between different players in the industry, in order to drive innovation and growth.

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