Is Raul Jimenez Dead? What Happened To Raul Jimenez?

Who Is Raul Jimenez?

Raul Jimenez is a professional soccer player from Mexico who plays as a forward for Wolverhampton Wanderers, an English Premier League club, according to famous people. He began his career in Mexico at Club America. He started his European career by joining La Liga giants Atlético Madrid but soon moved to Portuguese powerhouse Benfica, where he enjoyed much success. At ‘Benfica,’ he developed an eye for passing and, combined with his goal-scoring skills, made him the player to have. He was soon contacted by Premier League team Wolverhampton. There he was recognized as a deadly striker. At the international level, Raul Jimenez has represented his native Mexico in the Summer Olympics, his two World Cups, and numerous tournaments in the CONCACAF zone. His most memorable tournament was his 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which helped Mexico win his eighth title, and he was considered one of the most influential players in the competition.

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Is Raul Jimenez Dead?

Mexican defensive forward Jimenez scouted the ball clear when Arsenal defender David Luiz rushed in, according to NY Times, Luis’ forehead hit the side of Jimenez’s skull. The impact was loud enough to be heard on the television broadcast. Jimenez fell on the grass. “In that moment, unfortunately, my first thought was that he had died,” Basso said. “Normally when players fall and get hurt, they react. That is when you know if they’re faking or not. But that time: nothing. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see his eyes.” Basso picked up her cell phone and called everyone she could think of. The medical team seen on a TV placed Jimenez on a ventilator, gently placed him on a stretcher, and rushed him to the hospital. She tried the club’s player advisor, then a physical therapist. Finally, she reached the club secretary. All he could tell her was that he would let her know as soon as there was news of her. “It was 45 minutes until I knew he was alive,” she said. “Not until I knew that he was well, or that he would be OK, just alive. Imagine 45 minutes where I had to try to keep myself calm and tell myself it would all be all right.”

What Happened To Raul Jimenez?

On 29 November 2020, the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Mexican striker lost consciousness following a severe head injury in a match against Arsenal, according to BBC. In the minutes that followed, his teammates, manager, and family watched anxiously to see if he was alive. It apparently took Jimenez eight months to recover from his fractured skull and return to play in the Premier League for his club. He was not allowed to train with other players, for six months. The Mexican striker did not have a good time while his recovery, which was tough, and he agreed to feel a particular fear when he began heading the ball again. Despite his difficulties, the 31-year-old told BBC Sport that he had never considered the possibility of his career-ending. In a new film for BBC iPlayer, Jimenez, his family, teammates, and former coach Nuno Espirito Santo talk about that terrifying afternoon and his road to recovery. “I was always so confident about coming back as the same player, or even better, that I didn’t realise how bad the injury was,” he said from Wolves’ training complex.


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Raul Jimenez Head Injury

Wolves and Mexican forward Raul Jiménez suffered a severe head injury in November 2020 and was sidelined for many months prior to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he admits he is still not fully recovered and needs to continue using his previous protective band, according to “I played pre-season games with a band that has been changing. Before it was full protection, then it became smaller, and now it’s a band, like a long headband, which covers that part more because it’s where the skull is not completely healed. It’s for protection. I have a cracked skull, and it is difficult for me to be hit again in that place, but it is the recommendation of the doctors,” Jiménez confessed in an interview with Star+ in the special ‘In first person. “The first time they told me that they would give me balls to head, I was afraid to see what would happen and when I saw that nothing happened, it was normal. Go out onto the pitch, go without fear and even go to the same area at the front post, the area where the accident happened,” he added.


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