Islamic Republic of Iran: Women resist morality police, kick them off a bus

Terror is all the Islamic regime in Tehran has. If it can no longer terrorize the Iranian people, it will fall.


“Veils on wheels: Iranian women clash with morality police in a moving bus | WATCH,” FirstPost, December 12, 2022 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A video of women resisting the morality police in a busy bus in Iran’s capital Tehran has been making rounds on Twitter.

The video, shared by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, shows burqa-clad women engaged in a scuffle with several others for not wearing the hijab.

According to Alinejad, the woman who sent this video said, “We remove our hijab everyday and no longer accept bullies from morality police.”

“We will end this gender apartheid regime,” she further said.

Apart from countering, in what seemed to be women morality police, the rebellious women also kicked out the “harassers” off the bus in Tehran.

The video has gained around 9,947 likes and 3,207 retweets.

Iranian women open fire at metro station

Last month another video of the Iranian police shooting people and beating women for not wearing the hijab at a metro station emerged on Twitter.

In the video, passengers were seen running towards the exits and many getting trampled along the way after the police opened fire on a crowded platform.

“Islamic Republic’s forces of brutality attacking citizens in City Theatre Metro Station in Tehran,” the caption read….

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