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Karastan Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Karastan Vinyl Flooring Reviews: In the near future, Karastan will launch new hard surface collections. Mohawk’s Karastan master brand is famed for its beauty and craftsmanship, and the premium carpet brand will expand into the hard surface market with two products: BelleLuxe hardwood and LuxeCraft, a rigid luxury vinyl tile (LVT), each with its own collection (four in BelleLuxe and three in LuxeCraft).

Karastan Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Karastan is a luxury soft-surface flooring company with a 90-year history. Karastan’s line will be able to move from a category name to a flooring name by adding a hard surface. With their hard surface products, they also guarantee to be “better than nature intended.” Karastan is the brand for individuals who desire to live what we call a ‘beautiful life.’” According to Jason Sims, Mohawk’s head of creative operations, the focus of our most recent campaign is “living beautifully.” Mohawk went out into nature to discover the most beautiful things, then improved on them to make them even better, he explained. According to one expert, nature did not plan for a log to be submerged at the bottom of a lake until mankind discovered it.

He continued, “This launch will be different from others.” According to Sims, the Karastan hard surface goods will be ready to ship in January 2020, with displays available at that time. In other words, the product should be available in the first half of the year for the majority of buyers. “You’ll have a fair saturation of displays in place” in March, he predicted. With this introduction, Mohawk wants to bring Karastan’s hard surface products to life. “We use training sessions and product events to educate the retailer on how the products are manufactured and where their inspiration comes from,” Sims added. “Getting narrative in front of the consumer is critical to us.”

Karastan features unique designs in wood or vinyl

Despite the congested hard surface flooring industry, according to Sims, Karastan features unique designs not available in hardwood or vinyl. “The actuality of these floors is stunning,” Sims said. “I wasn’t sure that LVT was a wood until I saw these floors,” one customer commented. Even more crucially, these floors aren’t intended for the typical shopper; rather, they’re intended for those who desire something distinctive to complement their lifestyles and entertaining styles. Customers that take pride in their home’s aesthetics and value the ability to unwind in their own personal sanctuary will benefit significantly from this product.

“Karastan has unrivaled brand recognition,” said Adam Ward, senior product director of laminate and wood for Mohawk. “Those clients are purchasing hard surfaces as well.” Customers who prefer hard surfaces also exist, he added, implying that this introduction will expose Karastan to a larger pool of potential purchasers. Retailers who sell the Karastan brand, according to Sims, have worked out how to make it work in their area. “It’s not the brand for everyone,” he added, “but it is clearly a brand where there is a lot of opportunity and profits.” Starting with our regional presence, I want merchants to know that everything they’ll see from us this year will be familiar—

Karastan Vinyl Flooring Reviews
Karastan Vinyl Flooring Reviews

What they’ve seen before.” A solid foundation built on the shoulders of strong family and friends. “We have a great history, and in recent years, we’ve had the such tremendous opportunity,” Sims said. “I believe a lot of people would say Karastan is doing that.” Cheveux Oak uses French oak, which has tannins that contribute flavor and maintain the wood’s growth; Ashmore uses Worthington Oak, which has fewer rings and clearer grain patterns; and Villapoint Maple, which is used in some of the greatest stringed instruments, will be offered in four collections. Bellevue will be available in a range of sizes, with the largest being 10-12 inches wide.


Karastan observed buried logs dating back a century, worn Barnwood, and early 19th-century Appalachian lumber to be particularly valuable as he combed the globe for sources of inspiration. They’ve done an incredible job at recreating the faults of nature. They’ve been improved. Their multi-layered construction is resistant to water, scratches, and dents, and it was built to last.

Karastan will provide three types of luxury vinyl: Weathered fences and softwood cypress or hickory are the inspiration for Refined Forest. Treasured Grove is inspired by logs found beneath the Great Lakes, fallen old-growth trees, and vintage barn beams, while Curated Gratin is constructed from wonderful finds like salvaged hardwood from a historic home, old-growth white oak, and century-old Barnwood. LuxeCraft’s forms will have a width range of 7 to 9 inches.


Old-growth white oak with an open grain was rescued from a historic Alabama home. Barnwood with a century’s worth of toil and suffering engraved into it.

Woodland fine-tuned

The beauty of hickory and softwood cypress is enhanced by mineral streaks and grain patterns. For hundreds of years, fences have endured the test of time.

Sacred Woods

Centuries-old logs, old-growth trees that have been preserved from the weather, and vintage barn beams that have been exposed to the elements for decades have all been extracted from the mineral-rich waters of the Great Lakes.

Why Does Luxury Vinyl Cost So Much?

What You Can Afford to Spend. Consider luxury vinyl plank, tile, or sheet vinyl to achieve a high-end aesthetic without the high-end price tag. Although a bathroom, utility room, or mudroom may not seem like the perfect spot for hardwood flooring, you can simply convert any space with Karastan’s extensive assortment of wood and stone appearances.

An Increased Level of Convenience

Luxury vinyl flooring is comfortable to walk on without shoes or socks since it is soft underfoot. It’s a terrific kitchen alternative because it can assist relieve the agony of standing for lengthy periods of time. Stains, scuffs, and even scratches produced by pet paws and foot activity are not a problem with this type of flooring. Because of its durable and waterproof surface, it is easy to clean and will not damage your subfloor.

The Very Best

safeguarded from the elements

In contrast to laminate, LVP is totally water-resistant. Dishwashers will not leak, children will not spill, and dogs will not make messes. As a mother of four children, I value having a kitchen with a water-resistant floor. It takes me many hours to discover when one of my children spills water. I didn’t want a floor that required continual maintenance for the sake of my health.

a cushion

We slept on the concrete foundation for two months while looking for solutions to a variety of issues. After a long day of standing and walking on concrete, my feet and joints began to suffer. It’s true, even if it makes me sound like an old lady. I’m glad we didn’t go with tile because otherwise, I’d be dealing with it all the time. My LVP underlayment was a luxurious, squishy substance. For this room, the ceramic tile would have been too cool. This is especially important in the winter.

How simple it is to set up –

LVP is simple to install since it clicks together like laminate. You can do it yourself if you’re a confident do-it-yourselfer. We decided to have it professionally installed. Another advantage of it being simple to put up is that it saves money over having a professional install it. Installation quotes for LVP ranged from $2.00 to $6.00 per square foot on average. That makes a big difference with 1200 square feet of flooring.

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