NDLEA warns Nigerians against drug use during holidays

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has advised Nigerians against the indiscriminate use of drugs and psychoactive substances during the festive period. 

On Friday’s edition of its weekly interactive forum on Twitter space, the agency’s resource person, Hope Omeiza, advised against the use of drugs. 

“And then there will be new introductions this season. During this time, there will be people who have never used drugs before that may try them for the first time.

“That is why it is important to talk about the urge and drug for drug abuse at this very particular time. 

“On this note, I want to appeal to everyone listening that we should not… if you don’t use drugs, do not try for the first time in this season and never try it because it is not worth the risk.

“The euphoria of this moment is not enough to warrant you getting yourself into something you don’t know how it will end once you start,” Mr Omeiza said. 

Mr Omeiza is a medical doctor and founder of a drug addiction treatment facility VGADA Detox centre. He is also the president and national coordinator of Vanguard Against Drug Abuse, a non-governmental organisation sensitising the public about the effects of drug abuse and providing help for victims. 

He also warned young people to be cautious of parties throughout the holiday season and to be wary of accepting drinks offered them at a party and whose contents they were doubtful of.

“There will be many occasions that substances may be shared, you know, in those locations. Sometimes we also have had instances where young people gather together for parties, and they add psychoactive substances into the food being served in those places, so this goes to say, therefore, that we must be careful even among close relations on the food served to us especially when they are younger people they must be careful with the drinks to collect from them or let me have this bottle of coke and take a sip,” he said. 

The agency’s spokesperson, Femi Babafemi, also advised parents to be on the lookout for changes in their wards that may signal access to drugs.

According to him, when previously lively teenagers become suddenly reserved or there are significant changes in eating and sleeping habits, parents should observe closely to ensure that the situation is immediately addressed. 

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