Pensioners Seek Inclusion In NHIS

Pensioners that retired from the University of Nigeria have appealed to the federal and state governments to automatically enrol their retirees into the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS.

The pensioners made the appeal in exclusive chats with THE WHISTLER during their end-of-year party held at Ekpo Refectory, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on Thursday.

According to them, a whole lot of their monthly pensions are spent on attending to their health challenges.

The chairman of the UNN pensioners, Igwe S.J. Idu, said, “Retirees should have free medical treatment across board. Pensioners spend a lot to treat their health needs. Old age comes with health challenges.

“Some of us that retired from the university should also be considered for free health services at the university medical centres. Generally, we are forgotten. It should not be so.”

Another pensioner, Mazi Benedict Odo, said, “Our children seeking admission should not be made to face the rigours of admission, in terms of cut-off marks. It is unfair denying them admission when we have paid the price.”

On whether the pensioners of UNN are being owed, a pensioner, Chief Melitus Adon, said, “We are not being owed, and shouldn’t be owed because it is our right. It is the obligation of the federal and state governments to pay pensioners. Today, it is like praying to God to get pensions paid.

“It is an attrocity to owe pensioners. Our pension is our rights. We shouldn’t thank anybody for paying our pensions. Some governments, like states and LGAs owing pensioners are insensitive. It is a taboo.

“They make it their prerogative to pay pensions. I’m sad whenever I see our leaders boasting that they pay pensions. Unfortunately, some governors owe pensioners for years.”

Our correspodent reports that over 300 pensioners participated in the party, which began with Mass at St Peter’s Chapel, UNN.

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