Popeye Arrepentido Wife: Is Popeye Arrepentido Married?

On April 15, 1962, he was born in Yarumal, Antioquia, Colombia. John Jairo Velásquez, born Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, nicknamed Popeye, was a former Columbian assassin who confessed to better than 300 killings as part of the Medellin Cartel’s jail building.

Popeye was imprisoned in Colombia for better than 23 years. He began working for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar when he was 18 years outdated.

Velásquez was involved in a plot to blow up a plane and assassinate Colombian presidential candidate César Gaviria in 1989. In the tactic, 110 people had been killed. César Gaviria was imagined to be on the flight, nevertheless he not at all boarded after his chief of security expressed concerns about his journey.

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Popeye Arrepentido Wife: Is Popeye Arrepentido Married?

JJ Velásquez, additionally referred to as Popeye Arrepentido not at all acquired married. However, John Jairo Velásquez was romantically involved with Escobar’s former lover, Wendy Chavarriaga Gil. However, he fatally shot her twice inside the forehead after Popeye acquired a cellphone title containing a recording of Gil speaking with DEA brokers.

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