Prima Facie Meaning

Prima facie, a Latin expression, means “at first sight” or “based on first impression.” Literally, the feminine ablative sorts of primus (‘first’) and facies (‘face’) are ‘at first face’ or ‘at first look. In fashionable, conversational, and informal English, “on the face of it” is a typical translation.

In fashionable licensed English, which encompasses every civil regulation and authorized regulation, the expression “prima facie” refers again to the preliminary look of passable corroboration of a declare to help it.

In widespread regulation strategies, prima facie proof is proof that, inside the absence of refutation, could be ample to establish a certain declare or actuality. The phrase is used equally in tutorial philosophy.

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In most licensed circumstances, it’s the burden of proof to establish all associated information supporting one side’s place by the use of prima facie proof. If it doesn’t, its declare may presumably be denied with out prepared for a response from the opposing occasions.

An entire trial is required to seek out out whether or not or not a prima facie case is powerful or weak if the opposing celebration provides additional proof or asserts a safety. Prima facie proof is obtainable by means of “making a case” or “building a case,” respectively.

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