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Super Mario Bros. Movie's Rainbow Road Reveal Makes It So Much Better

The latest trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie features a reveal of Rainbow Road, which does a lot to make the movie look better and more exciting. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an animated movie based on the Mario franchise. Not much is known about the movie other than it follows the basic plot of Mario having to stop Bowser from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Reactions to the movie have already been mixed due to the criticism of Chris Pratt’s voice acting and the infamous reputation that video game adaptations have, specifically, and very appropriately, the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie.

With that in mind, the reveal of Rainbow Road in the new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already doing a lot to add to its quality. With the animated feature incorporating elements of Mario Kart in addition to such elements as Mario’s Tanooki suit and Peach’s Fire Flower form, it’s clear that the movie is going to try and incorporate as much of the Mario franchise as possible into its story. This level of fan service makes it far more exciting than if it was just following the basic plot of a Mario game, and it even invites speculation of what else can be included in the movie.

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If there is anything to be gauged so far about Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie it’s that the adaptation is using the best elements of the Mario games. In addition to bringing in Mario Kart via Rainbow Road, the movie also features Mario’s Tanooki suit, Mario training on an obstacle course based on a 2D game level, Yoshis in various colors, Peach’s Fire Flower form, and Pauline in her updated Super Mario Odyssey design.

There are even references to non-video game adaptations — Mario’s character poster for the animated feature pays homage to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! — so it’s clear the movie is trying to appeal to fans of both the mainstream entries and the more niche installments.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already using a lot from the Mario franchise, so that invites the question of which other game elements need to be included. With the movie including transformations, that means it needs to feature Chris Pratt’s Mario growing in size via mushroom and his invincible form.

Peach mentioning galaxies also means Super Mario Galaxy should be referenced, possibly to set up a sequel. And with Pauline’s appearance, the movie would benefit from the inclusion of her iconic “Jump Up, Super Star!” song. There are other elements The Super Mario Bros. Movie could include, but these are the biggest and easiest ones that should appear.

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