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The 10 Biggest PS4 Open Worlds, Ranked By Size

The upcoming video game Dune: Awakening has just given potential players a look at the terrifying sandworms, along with what Arrakis will look like. The game, which is based on the groundbreaking sci-fi novel of the same name, will have a fully open world, and players will be able to explore Arrakis at their leisure.

Given that Arrakis is a whole planet, it could be one of the largest open worlds ever. But even before the current generation of consoles, developers were seemingly in competition over who could build the most interactive and biggest open world of them all.

It’s hard to believe that The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is seven years old, as fans still talk about it as if it was released just yesterday. Fans could replay the whole game over and over and not once have the same experience. The game even has three completely different endings too.

Outside of the ambitious plot and different unfolding narratives, the game has a huge open world to go with it. The Witcher 3 is 49 square miles, beating out other exploration games of its ilk, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Skyrim. Skellige is visually stunning and full of unique facades that can’t be found in any other game of its kind.

For the most part, the Assassin’s Creed series is made up of annual releases with mechanics and gameplay that barely change from game to game. And most Unisoft open worlds are disappointing, with Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal even secretly having the same map. But that all changed with the impressive Assassin’s Creedy Odyssey, which is easily the greatest game in the franchise so far.

According to Forbes, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is 130km², and every inch is absolute eye candy. Exploring Greece in 400 BC is such an immersive experience that few other open-world games offer and it even competes with Rockstar’s gold standard.

Players are guaranteed several things when Rockstar is working on a new game, as the developer holds itself to a perfectionist standard that so few other developers do. Gamers can expect violent shootouts, endless satire, and a sprawling and immersive open world. Though not the studio’s biggest, according to Game Rant, 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2’s is still a massive 75 square miles, and it’s the most impressive yet.

While endless, uneventful roads can be a grind in other games, Rockstar is great at making long stretches of desolate land still feel lived in, and that’s why fast travel ruins the game. Not everything has to be interactive for it to feel like a living, breathing world. But when players do come into contact with non-player characters or other interactive objects or animals, it’s compelling engaging and so exciting.

The Just Cause franchise has always lived by the mantra that bigger always means better, and that’s been its selling point ever since the first game. Developers promised players that Just Cause was five times as big as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and that’s exactly what Avalanche Studios delivered. Unfortunately, that open world was mostly the same square mile of jungle copied and pasted dozens of times.

However, while Just Cause 4 doesn’t go for any record-breaking size, the open world is still huge, and it’s much more detailed than any previous game in the series too. According to Segment Next, Just Cause 4 is 395 square miles, which is made up of areas with entirely different weather climates, unique villages, creative outposts, and so many other quirks waiting for players to uncover.

While a disappointing alternative origins game was released this year, which some strangely believe should win Game of the Year, and a Final Fantasy VII remake was released in 2020, Final Fantasy XV is the last proper game released in the JRPG series. And though it has been seven long years, there’s so much content in the game and players are undoubtedly still finding new things in the release.

The game is so sprawling that not only does it notoriously feature a boss that takes 72 hours to defeat (via Polygon), but according to DualShockers, the open world is 786 square miles too.

According to Venture Beat, the 2018 racing video game The Crew 2 is over 2000 square miles, which is so much road and rather unnecessary for a driving game that doesn’t allow players to get out of their vehicles. However, given that there are so many different types of vehicles that gamers can choose from, including airplanes, the world needs to be that big to accommodate the different vehicle types, even if it does feel empty.

The world features landmarks from across the U.S., such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon. But there’s not much going on in the world and it isn’t that interactive. The Crew 2 is a sandbox game that was more fun for the developers to design than for gamers to play.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn’t exactly get the best reviews when it was initially released three years ago, and it’s generally considered the worst in the Ghost Recon series. The game is riddled with bugs, isn’t polished, and becomes a grind to play through unless players spend money on microtransactions.

However, it’s undeniable how beautiful and natural the archipelago Aurora is, and simply traveling in and around them is hugely addictive. The game is 781 miles in length, and as its square mileage hasn’t been calculated, it’s impossible to know how big it is compared to the likes of the biggest PS4 open-world games, but it could be up to four times that number.

Fallout 4 is one of the most epic sci-fi first-person RPGs ever made, and it’s the perfect answer to Elder Scrolls for gamers who have no interest in fantasy. Between the dystopian setting, the exploration, and the incredible world-building, many consider Fallout 4 the best of the series, and certainly the best of the series when it comes to the latest generation of consoles. And the open world reflects that ambition.

The Gamer estimates that Fallout 4 is just less than 10,000 square miles, which is a ton of destroyed towns to travel across and debris to sort through. However, while it’s still a large world, it’s one of the smallest Fallout open worlds, but that just makes every square mile of Fallout 4 more packed and detailed than any other game in the series.

The same The Gamer article reports that Fallout 76 is enormous and more than twice the size of Fallout 4. The ambitious game is almost 25,000 square miles, but that might be why Fallout 76 was broken upon release. Thankfully, developer Bethesda has made countless patches in the time since its release, but it’s just one of many examples of a bad trend that’s ongoing in the gaming industry.

More and more developers are releasing games that aren’t even close to finished and then worrying about it and promising patches once they have been released, but by then, gamers have already bought them. 25,000 square miles free for players to explore isn’t any good if there’s nothing interactive in the open world.

No Man’s Sky is another release that didn’t completely live up to expectations following the promises made by developers. On paper, the game sounds too good to be true, as the open world is the whole universe and included 18 quintillion explorable planets, all of which have their ecosystems too.

As the open world is procedurally generated, meaning that it’s never-ending, and there are ultimately an infinite amount of planets to visit. But they’re all extremely limiting and repetitive, and there isn’t much to do on any of them. No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly the most ambitious game of all time, and while it hasn’t become the game that was originally promised, Hello Games still updates the game multiple times a year.

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