The Big 4 Ending, Explained: Who Got Petrus Murdered? Why?


The Netflix actioncomedy movie ‘The Big 4’ is directed and co-written by Timo Tjahjanto. Starring Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, and Lutesha in central roles, the Indonesian movie explores the lives of 4 expert assassins. After the murder of their adoptive father, they run and conceal on an island. That is until his precise daughter displays up, in the hunt for options. The Indonesian movie choices violence, bloody deaths, and cutthroat movement sequences to keep up the viewers hooked.

The movie focuses on many pivotal themes along with the unity between siblings, revenge for a beloved one’s lack of life, and discovering eye-opening options that designate one’s built-up resentment. With various twists, turns, and unwarranted murders, the story will get increasingly more thrilling as a result of it reaches the highest. If the ending of ‘The Big 4’ has left you scrambling for options, then look no extra because of we purchased you coated! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Big 4 Plot Synopsis

We are launched to the Big 4 in style as they rescue children from a human trafficking ring. Topan, Jenggo, Alpha, and Pelor are expert by Petrus, their Pops. Petrus adopted and expert the proficient children into turning into assassins of the easiest order. Majorly, the Big 4 targets and brings down evil people and organizations. They have their very personal sort of justice. In doing all of this and serving to the Big 4, Petrus significantly neglects his natural daughter, Dina.

Dina turns right into a police officer and can get upset by her father as he doesn’t attend the ceremony. However, when she’s going to get dwelling, she finds Petrus murdered. At that second, she resolves to avenge her father’s lack of life and works relentlessly to hunt out the murderer. On the alternative hand, the Big 4 are devasted to hearken to about Petrus’s demise. They abandon the troop and go on to settle in Bersi, the place they first met Petrus.

After three years, Dina finds her father’s {{photograph}} with 4 little children. She sees the purpose out of Bersi and decides to go to the island to get some options. She meets Topan and presses him to answer her questions. In the within the meantime, Topan affords with the gunmen, who adjust to Dina to the Paranais Villa. Topan and Dina meet with Jenggo and Pelor so that the gang can get collectively to navigate the state of affairs fastidiously. The gunmen, now greater in amount, protect following them and stage a big battle.

The gunmen belong to Antonio, one in every of many largest arms sellers in Southeast Asia. Antonio is a cold-blooded killer. Subsequently, the 4 of them escape lack of life by the fingers of Antonio and get to someplace safe. They resolve to go to Alpha for additional weapons and a safe haven. However, even Alpha’s hideout shouldn’t be out of attain for Antonio and his males. The killers uncover the Big 4 and Dina rapidly after. The closing showdown between the warring criminals varieties the thrilling climax of the movie.

The Big 4 Ending: Who Got Petrus Murdered? Why?

Petrus is murdered inside the first act of the movie by a killer in a helmet. The thriller and suspense revolving throughout the murderer of the Big 4’s mentor and Dina’s father furthers the plot of the movie. When Topan and Antonio come face to face, Antonio admits to killing Petrus in chilly blood. He tells Topan that he killed Petrus because of he stable Antonio away. Petrus dumped Antonio as he was not who Petrus wished him to be. Antonio exacted his revenge by killing Petrus. Subsequently, he resolves to alter into additional extremely efficient and take down the Big 4.

Petrus’s first adopted child was Antonio. Petrus expert him with utmost dedication and dedication. However, Antonio’s ambition and cold-blooded methodology made Petrus perceive his mistake. Without a rhyme or motive, Antonio would possibly kill anyone he wished. He had no mercy, compassion, or capability to tell good from harmful. Petrus expert Antonio to be a proficient knife wielder. Thus, Antonio is useful with knives and picks them as his weapons of different. Antonio wished to be inside the Big 4, nonetheless because of unpredictable traits, Petrus knew larger than to include him on his journey for justice.

However, Antonio moreover reveals that he didn’t act on his private accord. He obtained orders from his boss to execute Petrus. In the highest, we examine that Hassan gave the orders to kill Petrus. Hassan is Dina’s boss, a Police Captain, and most importantly, Petrus’s good good good friend. We see him all through Dina’s ceremony and she or he even greets him as an uncle. Thus, it displays how shut Petrus and Hassan had been, once more inside the day.

Considering Hassan is a laws enforcement officer, he might want to have disliked Petrus teaching children to alter into fighters and deadly assassins. The important aim behind the Big 4 is to battle injustice and protect innocent people. Hassan would possibly see it as an infringement of his duties and decided to complete Petrus’s life. Hassan betrays his good good friend, Petrus. Furthermore, holding in ideas the concepts of greed and corruption inside the fashionable world, Hassan may need achieved this for money as correctly.


In his years of working as a vigilante, Petrus might want to have collected his truthful proportion of enemies. Any one amongst them may need contacted Hassan to get the job achieved. However, it’s heartbreaking to see Hassan throw his friendship aside for something. An actual good good friend is on a regular basis bigger than any money or morals on the earth.

Moreover, Hassan shouldn’t be the one actual perpetrator of Petrus’s lack of life. There is a lady sporting a spider eye patch with him. She seems to be one different knowledgeable assassin who’s conscious of her means spherical a sword. The unknown woman is dangerous and claims to have unfinished enterprise with Topan. As Antonio components out, the Big 4 aren’t the one pupils of Petrus, maybe this woman is probably going one of many completely different trainees.

Who Is Suranto?

Suranto is the start determine of Antonio Sandoval. Antonio gave himself diversified cool-sounding names to depart behind his earlier and alter into a complete new specific individual. He moreover calls himself the Prince of 1001 knives and the Scorpion of Southeast Asia. By altering his determine, Antonio believes he can get rid of the horrible childhood experiences that haunt him. He was Petrus’s first son who purchased teaching to be a member of the Big 4. However, his vainness and ambition lead to his downfall. Petrus casts him away as he’s unworthy of stopping for justice.

Moreover, when Topan teases Antonio with the determine Suranto, he’ll get very agitated. Old recollections seem to return up effervescent in his ideas as rapidly as he hears his starting determine. Suranto is a child who had no associates and was on a regular basis alone. Whereas Antonio is a well known arms vendor and a feared determine inside the enterprise. He feels larger collectively together with his self-given determine merely as he feels happy with the celebrity he optimistic elements by the years. The determine Suranto brings up insecurities and Antonio’s worst childhood recollections. Thus, he leaves that determine and affords himself not solely a model new determine however moreover a model new id.

Why Do The Big 4 Leave Dina?

Consequent to defeating Antonio and his males, Dina calls the cops inside the area to report the fairly a number of crimes. She goes once more to being a laws enforcement officer and does her obligation. Dina honors the oath she took and sticks to her phrase. On the alternative hand, the Big 4 seem like once more to their earlier strategies. Hiding from the police and ending their mission in stealth isn’t any robust course of for knowledgeable assassins.

Dina grows eager on her father’s estranged adopted children. She understands the the reason why the Big 4 do what they’re expert for. Nonetheless, she cannot flip her once more on her profession. When the cops arrive on the island, the Big 4 escape to not get caught. Topan kisses Dina as a ruse to handcuff Dina to the window. They then get ample time to get to their automotive and vanish with no trace.

Although the Big 4 depart Dina inside the Villa, they promise to fulfill rapidly and reconnect after a while. The gang will get linked to Dina after their collective mission to avenge their father’s lack of life. The Big 4 and Dina are differentiated by actions and profession, nonetheless united by the love for his or her shared father.

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