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Two reasons why I’m considering canceling my Disney+ subscription, but three reasons why I’m most likely to keep it

I swear almost every day I say I’m going to get rid of my Disney+ account and instead keep paying for my Netflix DVD plan. And then, every single day, I find something new on Disney+, like Werewolf by night, with its fantastically brutal take on the MCU, and I’m all like, Oh, what is this? I mean, I’m even worse than my kids when it comes to being naughty sometimes.

But, maybe it’s because when I started seeing emails about the Disney+ price increase, I started to get upset. It wasn’t that long ago when I started subscribing to Disney+ (back in 2019) and found it to be a cost-effective alternative to other streaming services. Now, I’m already starting to wonder if I’d like the cheaper, ad-supported Disney+ instead of what I currently have. Or just get rid of it completely.

It’s gotten so ridiculous with the prices going up, I’m probably going to cancel my Disney+ subscription any day now. or not. I go back and forth daily. So here are a few reasons why I’m still on the fence about canceling my Disney+ account (and why I’ll likely end up keeping it long-term).

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There is not enough mature content on the platform, which is what I really want from Disney+

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