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Want That Trend Reviews

Want That Trend Reviews: Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Holly Hagan of Geordie Shore at the Curve Fashion Festival to discuss the launch of her new plus-size range with Want That Trend. I had no idea what to anticipate when it came to Holly. Nonetheless, she came as a pleasant surprise to me. The range is all about “fitness” and “Flattering,” according to Holly’s reasoning, which I disagree with.

Want That Trend Reviews

Fashion and health are entirely unrelated to me, and making that assertion is part of the anti-fat campaign. Holly has never been overweight in her six years of living in a diet and fitness-focused culture. She can sympathize with her expectations as a plus-size woman, but she is unable to fully comprehend them. I can tell you from personal experience that she has no bitterness toward her prior self. She also doesn’t display any of the distancing from her body image that we’ve come to anticipate from celebrities who use fitness DVDs. This is far more significant to me than a few poorly phrased tweets.

Take a peek at Holly Hagan’s outfits from the 2016 Curve Fashion Festival. Holly has always been herself; she works extremely hard, stands up for herself and her family, and emerges as a very brilliant young woman. I understand that criticizing reality TV personalities for being inappropriate role models for children is fashionable. She has emerged as mature and self-aware as she is today despite six years of nasty abuse, which is truly astonishing. Isn’t that supposed to mean something?


The Navy Fiona Bodycon dress*, which I received as a present from the WTT team during the Curve Fashion Festival, is my favorite piece from Holly’s collection. The dress keeps its shape flawlessly with a little stretch while remaining really comfortable to wear. I’m wearing a size 16 in this photo, and it fits perfectly. After hearing about my worries regarding the lengths in my earlier review, the WTT team said they’ll be working on new longer-length designs in the near future. The Fiona dress is a true midi length on me because I’m 6 feet tall.

Holly Hagan’s collection includes jumpsuits, dresses, separates, and pants in sizes 8 to 32 in two designs (my favorite is the lace skater dress shown here). Despite my failure to describe my thoughts about companies, I’d like to make one point: regardless of size, all WTT designs are priced the same. This SHOULD be the case, but it isn’t always the case (looking at you ASOS…) Finally, Victoria Molyneux, the founder of WTT, is a very remarkable woman. Despite the fact that it would have been far easier for her to continue making a big profit without expanding her product line, she sincerely wants to make the same styles available to women of all sizes.

“I can’t wait to debut our new range at Curve and meet like-minded individuals who are as passionate about fashion as I am,” she says of plus-size clothing. Her recognition of plus-size women’s capacity to be fashion-forward speaks volumes, and I’m looking forward to seeing this business expand. In this dress from the back, I’m in love with my boobs. I’ll be releasing some excellent content over the next few days. You can follow me on any of the various social media channels available throughout the world till then.

Want That Trend Reviews
Want That Trend Reviews

You’ll be happy to learn that I have something for you:

Want That Trend currently has a large assortment of gowns in sizes 16 to 24 for plus-sized women. There are over a hundred to choose from, and based on this one, they’re all fashionable, easy-to-wear gowns. Aside from that, they’re all under the £23 mark, which is unusual for a PS brand. The Adolphe skater dress’s lovely autumnal print swung my decision. I’m officially ready for the change of seasons, you guys. To be honest, I miss my tights and am tired of my ankles turning an orange color. Thank you for your kind remarks.

I’ve previously indicated that I don’t like the skater dress silhouette, but after seeing this one, I’m beginning to think I should rethink, especially because it has a unique sleeve. This hat sleeve has a lot of lengths, which is always a bonus for me. There are no fitting difficulties; this is an 18 and while it is a bit snug, the armholes, shoulder, and back, as well as the stretchy scuba material, are all amply sized. Just keep in mind that when stretched, designs can fade! I like that I don’t have to waste time getting ready for work because I can just throw on this dress and some tights.


I received five dresses from Want That Trend, and this was the only one that allowed me to maintain my modesty. If you plan on ordering from them, double-check the length in the description. Because WTT lists the length of most things, I’ll know in the future that the 93cm+ dresses = Yes and the 90cm- dresses = No unless I want to go to jail. When it comes to plus-size clothing, you can never have too many alternatives, especially if the new brand is offering something I haven’t seen before. I’m excited to see what Want That Trend has in store for the future.

Want That Trend is a tiny to mid-size women’s apparel brand that sells its products online at Want That Trend makes its money in the women’s apparel industry. Want That Trend provides discount codes and discounts to its customers on a regular basis. Knoji customers aren’t exactly charmed by Want That Trend, which has only six reviews and an average rating of 2.0 stars.

Want That Trend believes that no matter what they Wear

Victoria, a self-described “entrepreneur,” has coupled her passion for fashion with her expertise in social media to create and sell garments for women of all shapes and sizes since the company’s launch in 2015. Victoria found it difficult to find clothes that made her feel good about her body in the early stages of motherhood, and she realized that many other women felt the same way.

Her main goal was to create and sell clothes that complimented all body types and encouraged people to love themselves and feel comfortable in their own flesh. Victoria took advantage of the rise of the “selfie” to model all of the gowns so that customers could see how they would look on them. Want That Trend has grown into a multi-million-dollar company that sells a wide range of attractive and affordable clothing in sizes 8 to 32. There are maternity, plus-size, and seasonal lines in addition to the best-selling collaboration with philanthropist and fellow mother Katie Piper.

When compared to other brands in the women’s clothing sector, Want That Trend performs below average, offering 1 e-commerce platform the resources it needs to better serve its customers. Based on web research and 6 consumer reviews, Want That Trend has a 3.7-star rating. Want That Trend’s review score is calculated using consumer input as well as the quality and number of features it offers.

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