What College Did Antoine Fuqua Attend?

Antoine Fuqua who was born on the nineteenth of January 1966 is called an American filmmaker who’s well-liked for his work in movement and as well as thriller movement photos.

He was initially generally called a director purposely for music motion pictures and made his first film in 1998 with The Replacement Killers. His important breakthrough was the award-winning 2001 12 months crime thriller titled Training Day.

Fuqua was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to (father) Carlos and (mother) Mary Fuqua.

He is called the nephew of a file producer who doubled as an authorities Harvey Fuqua of the Moonglows. Fuqua pays respect to screenwriter generally called Shinobu Hashimoto, a periodic collaborator of Akira Kurosawa’s, telling his writing “affected a boy from Pittsburgh living in the ghetto.”

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Before he grew to change into a filmmaker and music motion pictures, he majored in electrical engineering, with the urge of occurring to fly jets inside the military.

What College Did Antoine Fuqua Attend?

Antoine Fuqua attended West Virginia State University.

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