Where Does Antoine Fuqua Come From?

In addition to King Arthur, Shooter, and The Replacement Killers, Antoine Fuqua, is the director of the critically acclaimed movie Training Day.
He took electrical engineering packages to rearrange for a career throughout the military. He is  56 years outdated as of 2022. He started out directing music films for musicians like Prince and Toni Braxton.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer seen Fuqua and equipped him the likelihood to direct rapper Coolio’s music video for his music “Gangsta’s Paradise” from the 1995 movie “Dangerous Minds,” which Bruckheimer moreover produced.
He made his perform picture debut in 1998 with The Replacement Killers, a band for which he was primarily known as a music video director.
The critically acclaimed crime thriller Training Day from 2001 was Fuqua’s debut.

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Zachary Fuqua, a son from a earlier relationship, was born to Fuqua sooner than he married Waiting to Exhale actress Lele Rochon.

Where Does Antoine Fuqua Come From?

American filmmaker Antoine Fuqua is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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