Where is Netflix’s I Hate Christmas Filmed?

A remake of the Norwegian assortment ‘Home for Christmas‘ (originally titled ‘Hjem til Jul’) by Per-Olav Sørensen, Netflix’s ‘I Hate Christmas’ (initially titled ‘Odio Il Natale’) is an Italianromanticcomedy assortment that follows a single nurse named Gianna who comes beneath stress and lies to her family about having a boyfriend. To make points additional subtle, she ensures to hold him over alongside together with her for Christmas dinner and introduce him. Now, with decrease than 25 days until Christmas, Gianna takes the help of her associates and begins the hunt to look out herself a superb boyfriend.

However, all of Gianna’s dates end up being each overwhelming or underwhelming, making her question her alternatives. Fast forward to Christmas dinner, there’s a knock on the door, to her delight. The protagonist’s quest for love retains the viewers guessing who she would end up with in the long term. But that isn’t the one issue that makes us scratch our heads, as a result of the picturesque areas inside the backdrop make us marvel the place ‘I Hate Christmas’ is shot. Well, now we have now gathered all of the required particulars in regards to the similar to appease your curiosity!

I Hate Christmas Filming Locations

‘I Hate Christmas’ is filmed utterly in Italy, considerably inside the Veneto space. The principal photos for the inaugural iteration of the romantic assortment reportedly commenced in November 2021 and wrapped up in spherical 5 weeks in December of the similar 12 months. Now, with out further ado, let’s adjust to Gianna and check out all of the exact web sites that appear inside the Netflix current!

Veneto, Italy

A majority of ‘I Hate Christmas’ is lensed in Veneto, one among many 20 areas of Italy. To be explicit, the coastal metropolis of Chioggia is the place numerous the taking photos takes place. Fondamenta Canal Vena is possible one of many main manufacturing areas the place many key scenes are shot because it’s the avenue the place there’s the fish market, the gastronomy of Gianna, her father, and her associates’ go-to place to satisfy and chat up, Caterina’s cafeteria.

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While the scene the place Gianna celebrates Christmas alongside together with her colleagues inside the debut season was taped in Palazzo Ravagnan Brusomini Naccari delle Figure at Corso del Popolo, 1331, the hospital scenes the place Gianna works are recorded in Facoltà di Biologia Marina Palazzo Grassi at Calle Grassi e Naccari, 1060. As for the half the place Child Jesus’ statue falls into the canal in season 1, it was shot at Vigo Bridge on Corso del Popolo. Moreover, chances are you’ll spot the Bell Tower of the Church of Saint James Apostle at Corso del Popolo, 1202, and The Holy Trinity Church inside the backdrop of a lot of scenes.

In an early December 2022 press meeting inside the Roman headquarters of Netflix, Luca Bernabei, producer of the current and CEO of Lux Vide, revealed why they decided to shoot numerous the gathering in Chioggia. He outlined, “Set in a magical place, in an Italy that is at the same time little-told but very iconic, Italy that is reflected on the lagoon between Chioggia and Venice. A physical place, but also of the soul. The canals, the bridges, the houses suspended over the water, how the lives of our protagonists are still suspended, young women ready to take flight.”

“This is a series of laughter, tears, of women, of families, of mistakes as big as a house, of shoes, and of hope. Of wine. In fact, in Chioggia, which is the city of our series, Christmas is made of bars where you can drink coffee but also shadows of wine. It is made of Cicchetti, small plates to eat standing up while chatting. It is made up of large family lunches where everyone talks about each other. Shops full of food, bicycles, music, and everything that makes Italy ‘the place where we want to be,’”

Luca Bernabei added. “…Chioggia is the ideal setting for a story that talks about relationships, and it is relationships that give quality to our lives. It is important to always think about it, perhaps with a smile.” Additional elements for ‘I Hate Christmas’ are moreover taped in Treviso, a metropolis and comune inside the Veneto space. The dinner scene between Carlo, one among Gianna’s dates, and Gianna inside the first season was recorded in Castello di San Salvatore at Via Sottocroda in Susegana.

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