Who is Dahvie Vanity? Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki

Who is Dahvie Vanity? Jesus David Torres, expertly typically known as Dahvie Vanity, is a vocalist, web-based leisure star, and former establishing specific particular person from the band “Blood on the Dance Floor”.

He moreover received right here into public focus for varied charges of rape and unfortunate conduct, after only a few claimed casualties supplied particulars. Dahvie was launched into the world beneath the Zodiac sign Virgo on 5 September 1984, in North Carolina, USA. Starting spherical 2021, he’s 36 years of age and holds American id.

Early life and Family Not so much information is had some important consciousness of his preliminary life and foundation. Allegedly he received right here from a devastated family who moved to Orlando, Florida all through Dahvie’s early ranges. Furthermore, not so much is been acutely aware of his schooling and scholarly accomplishments, nonetheless, only a few sources counsel that he didn’t get official teaching.


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Vocation In 2006, Dahvie established the band “Love the Style” with Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate as a joke. The subsequent 12 months they modified the band’s establish to “Blood on the Dance Floor”, initially making digital pop, and later progressing to crunkcore. Notwithstanding his vocal capacities, Dahvie supplies console, guitar, bass and synthesizer for the gathering.

During this “My Space” interval, they started posting covers and tunes on the stage, incomes cheap achievement. Dahvie was even given the moniker “The World class Hair God” for his stunning and novel hairdos, which included gorgeous pink or inexperienced choices, expansions, and weighty emotional make-up.

In 2008 they delivered their most memorable assortment freely named “We should Begin a Mob”, and thru that very 12 months, Dahvie started visiting Florida. The band hurled themselves solely into the work, and in just about no time subsequently they started recording their subsequent assortment named “Being a Jewel in a Rhinestone World is Hard”.

During the recording of their subsequent assortment, Christopher and Rebecca left the band as they couldn’t go to with Dahbie, whereas Garrett Marshal McLaughlin, expertly typically known as Garrett Euphoria, joined the band as a reinforcement performer. Dahvie and Garret recorded only a few tracks, along with “Siq With a Q”, and “Self destruction Club”, trailed by three broadened performs (EPs), delivered in 2009, named “I Shout I Shout”, “Expanded Play”, and “OMFG Sneak Pinnacle”.

During that very 12 months, the couple started visiting with fully completely different groups, for example, “Electronic Valentine”, “The Greenlight Locale” and “Weston Buck”, as an improvement for his or her impending assortment “OMFG”.


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While visiting, Garrett left the couple and left the go to subsequent to guaranteeing that Dahvie was a sexual stalker. Consequently, Jeremy Brian Griffis, typically known as Jayy Von Monroe, received right here in as a substitution, and the band saved making new music with one different drummer and rapper Scratch “Dreadful” Wenzel. During this period, the gathering even labored together with Jeffree Star, recording three tracks.

Notwithstanding, Jeffree likewise blamed Dahvie for being a pedophile and hunter inside the wake of seeing some upsetting conduct on his half, thus dropped the coordinated effort, supplanted by Jayy Von Monroe’s, whereas the first tracks have been excluded from the gathering.

Their subsequent assortment named “Epic” was a enterprise achievement, in the long term cresting inside the Bulletin Graph Top Five. They delivered only a few tracks, along with “Charmed”, “Yo Ho”, and “P.L.U.R”, and the band would ship seven additional collections, and workforce up with only a few fully completely different specialists, like Hayley Rose, Amelia Arsenic, and Shawn Brandon.

Despite the reality that there had been fully completely different bits of gossip about an anticipated separation of the band, the overwhelming majority of them ended up being merely a deception. In September 2016, Jayy Von Monroe withdrew from the gathering, and Dahvie on this methodology declared that the band would disband. Dahvie took a stab momentarily with one different enterprise named “Miscreants are Champs”, delivering an EP.

Dahvie Vanity In 2017, he unveiled that the band might be returning all points thought-about, and Jayy might be supplanted by one different half – Dahvie’s sweetheart, Fallon Feud momentarily joined the band, they often delivered only a few tunes, along with “Love Like Woodoo”, “Dead,” and “Revival Spell”. For obscure causes, the couple headed out in quite a few directions, and Fallon furthermore left the band, leaving Dahvie because the precept half.


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Determined in in quest of after music, Dahvie despatched off two completely different effectivity initiatives, rebranding himself to “Kawai Undertaking” and later “the Most Striking Bad dreams”.

Where is Blood on the Dance Floor Now? After Jayy von Monroe left the band refering to revolutionary contrasts, the band primarily disbanded. Notwithstanding his assured endeavor to frame a workforce collectively along with his ex Grudge, the band was anticipated for retirement.

He is as of now making music beneath the establish “The Most Distinctive Bad dreams”, with melodies along with “Suffocating in the Dimness”, “Love Always Evident”, and “Touch off My Spirit”. His newest monitor was delivered in June 2021, named “Not All Fortune Is Silver and Gold”.

Individual life As to relationship historic previous, he was related to Fallon Grudge, whom he started relationship in 2017. The couple even grew to turn into taken half in September 2017, and saved relationship until 2019. The justification for his or her separation stays obscure.

Embarrassments and Discussion Since arising on the scene, Dahvie has been associated to only a few outrages, predominantly referring to his supposed harmful and savage nature. Over time, he’s been denounced by only a few musicians and fully completely different specialists, who assured that he had constrained himself onto underage youthful women and women. Be that because it might, no official strikes have been made, and Dahvie has certainly not been indicted.


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In 2018 Jessica Butcher or Jessica Leonhardt, who later emerged as non-twofold and altered the establish to Damien Leonhardt, posted a Tumblr submit, blaming Dahvie for teenager sexual maltreatment and assault, expressing: “He is a victimizer; physically, inwardly, and truly. I’m not scared of him any longer; I’m not terrified of the fanbase he got to go after me until I abnegated my articulation when I was 11-12, I’m done remaining quiet.”

Dahvie went on collectively along with his occasion of denying charges, in any event, guaranteeing that he had certainly not met Damien. In 2019, only a few critiques flowed regarding the conceivable 21 on-the-record allegations of rape in direction of Dahvie, and further casualties started offering particulars.

This uncommon case grabbed the eye of the columnist Chris Hansen, who has “To Catch a Hunter”, and furthermore has a YouTube channel named “Pull up a chair with Chris Hansen”. Chris talked with Damien, who asserted that he had been 10, whereas Dahvie had been 24 when the supposed assault occurred. In Damien’s proclamation, he assured that he went to a celebration at which Dahvie was on the market.

Allegedly, the vocalist constrained himself onto Damien and pressured him to hold out oral intercourse on him. In the meeting, Damien expressed: “He basically realize that I was underage on the grounds that I could never have passed for anything over 15. What’s more, I would have been a small 15-year-old. I’m just 4-foot-10 at this point.”

Damien furthermore added: “He was very vicious. A great deal of it was all the while assuming a pretense of ‘this is BDSM,’ and he would sexualize brutality. It was practically this game, such as wrestling however sexualized. Presently, thinking back, it’s super f — ed up, yet that is exactly the way things were at that point.”


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Notwithstanding these quite a few allegations, he was exceptionally censured for over-sexualized verses, utilization of improper language and slurs, and improvement of vengeance pornography. While only a few view these verses as pushing the bounds of sexual substance and ingenious articulation, practically all of his fanbases are youthful people and tweens.

In one among his recordings, Dahvie acknowledged: “You all are superior to sex. I simply need to come on every one of your little titties this evening.”


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Dahvie’s Reaction While denying the allegations, Dahvie furthermore chosen to shout out by his music, utilizing disparaging phrases and slurs, he mentioned: “Your fiction junk talking is finished out of disdain. /Yet I’m going to kill everything, I’m going to annihilate. /See me, I’m wonderful, not a suspect of assault!”

In 2013, he delivered the tune named “Killed by your Lies” with verses:” Bitches with their falsehoods virtually drove me into self destruction/Call me an attacker. Here is actuality. Could you at any stage take it?” and “My name and notoriety won’t be the objective of a whore!” In 2020, it was accounted for that the FBI was investigating the situation, and a few specialists talked with a portion of his supposed casualties.

Up to date, he hasn’t been charged or imprisoned, supposedly because of the absence of proof. What is his full property? As of mid-2021, Dahvie’s assessed full property is spherical $3 million, which he’s procured by his profession as a vocalist and entertainer.

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