Who Owns Apple Records?

Apple Records is a report label primarily based in 1968 by the Beatles, as a division of Apple Corps Ltd. It was initially supposed as a creative outlet for the band, every as a gaggle and individually, plus a alternative of various artists along with Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, James Taylor, and Billy Preston.

Allen Klein managed the label from 1969 to 1973, then it was later managed by Neil Aspinall on behalf of the Beatles and their heirs. Neil retired in 2007 and was modified by Jeff Jones.

Who Owns Apple Records?

Apple Records is owned by Apple Corps Limited (informally typically known as Apple), a multi-armed multimedia firm that was primarily based in London, in January 1968, by the members of the Beatles to alternate their earlier agency (Beatles Ltd.) and along with sort a conglomerate. Its establish, which is pronounced “apple core”, is a pun.

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The agency’s chief division is Apple Records, which was launched within the similar 12 months. Other divisions included Apple Electronics, Apple Publishing, Apple Films, and Apple Retail, whose most notable enterprise was the short-lived Apple Boutique, that was on the nook of Baker Street and Paddington Street in central London.

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