Who Owns Midea?

Chinese electrical gear maker Midea Group has its vital office in Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, and is traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The largest producer of robotics and residential gear worldwide is Midea. Home residence gear and enterprise air conditioners are produced by Midea as its main merchandise.

While practically all of its export enterprise is as an OEM and ODM for fairly a number of well-known worldwide firms, it distributes merchandise domestically beneath its private title.

In further overseas markets currently, along with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India, Egypt, and practically all of Southeast Asian nations, Midea has started introducing its private mannequin.

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Each 12 months, Midea receives higher than 40 design prizes from an expansion of revered worldwide design competitions, along with Red Dot and iF. Around 150,000 people had been employed by the company as of 2021, every in China and abroad, by the use of its 200 subsidiaries and higher than 60 worldwide branches.

Who Owns Midea?

The agency’s founder, He Xiangjian, resigned from his place as chairman in August 2012, and Paul Fang is now the chairman and president of the Midea Group. Paul Fang has been appointed because the model new chairman of the Midea Group and is the chairman and president of Guangdong Midea Electric.

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