Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify or Apple Music?

With 2022 coming to an end, it’s time to take heed to some of the most important hits, nonetheless why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify or Apple Music?

Brooks has been making music for a really very long time and different folks have fallen in love with all his songs. With this in ideas, it doesn’t come as a shock that everyone must take heed to it on an everyday foundation.

However, there might solely have one place to go to within the occasion that they should take heed to Brooks’ songs.

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Why is Garth Brooks not on Spotify?

Brooks is simply not Spotify on account of his views didn’t align with that of the mannequin, he outlined whereas displaying at SXSW Festival.

As per Billboard, he talked about: “Spotify came in, Daniel Ek came down to sit with me, sweet man, I love Daniel, great guy. I think he gets a lot of crap. His parents were both street musicians – he’s a good guy who understands music, and I think he wants to help and believes 100 percent he’s helping.” 

Why is the singer not on Apple Music?

As for Apple, Brooks outlined he didn’t want to alter himself or his music with a objective to match into the ideas that had been laid out by Apple.

In the similar look, he talked about: “Apple’s a little different story. They came in with their own set of rules, and if you’re already established, you have to change to get to them. I’m never going to change to fit their rules. Nice guys, we have respect for each other, we’re just never going to work together. So we were kind of dead in the water. Then out of the blue, thank God, Amazon shows up and wants to get into the streaming business… The views they shared seemed to correlate with the views we shared.”

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You can take heed to his songs on Amazon Music

While Apple Music and Spotify didn’t match his mindset, Brooks was happy to supply his catalog to Amazon Music.

However, it was not an easy alternative for him. In the appears to be like, Brooks confessed that he was anxious about giving his music catalog for streaming as of us had the selection of skipping music. This made him fearful that folk wouldn’t have the flexibility to have the benefit of your entire album experience that he wished to have.

Nonetheless, after rigorously pondering, Brooks was happy to supply all his songs. Now, when you want to hear any of his largest hits, you would want to go to Amazon Music. Keep in ideas, you need a subscription to the platform to profit from the songs.

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