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10 Harsh Realities Of Replaying Hitman (2016)

Fans of the Hitman franchise consider the 2016 release one of the best in the series. Featuring the iconic character Agent 47, Hitman (2016) had a gripping narrative that had gamers go around the world to bring to light the true cause of various assassinations.

The game was well-received by players due to its sandbox environment, open-ended levels, and realistic stealth mechanics. However, the game did have a handful of aspects that irked gamers and critics alike. Those who decide to replay Hitman (2016) will be surely slapped with various harsh realities that might make the game less enjoyable.

In terms of narrative and visuals, Hitman (2016) offers gamers a lot of variety. However, the game is considered monotonous by some gamers for many reasons. One glaring cause of monotony in the game is its repetitive stealth actions, which include blending in with the crowds and discreetly shooting targets.

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The repetition in the game can feel tedious for some players, which can then snowball into boredom. The missions in the game also share a lot of similarities with the way they’re carried out, which can lead to a feeling of monotony. Due to Hitman’s (2016) repetitive gameplay, the game feels like a grind, which is not something that developers want players to feel.

The AI in a game needs to be flawless to create an uninterrupted experience for gamers. Sadly, Hitman’s (2016) AI has frequent slip-ups and can behave unexpectedly, which then leads to difficulty in completing missions.

Some gamers may also experience the game’s AI being inconsistent in how it reacts to their actions, which can either lead to the game completely ignoring the player or detecting the gamer’s presence even if they’ve done their best to disguise themselves. Hitman’s (2016) inconsistent AI can make the game all the more challenging and frustrating to complete.

Despite having open-ended sandbox levels, Hitman (2016) feels limiting for players for several reasons. For one, the environment and levels in the game are strictly linear, which then limits player engagement and brings about a terrible sense of confinement.

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Moreover, Hitman’s (2016) gameplay that emphasizes repetition and stealth does not allow gamers to be creative in how they approach the missions. There are also a very limited number of ways to interact with the game’s NPC and environment. While it can be understood that the game’s restrictions are there for a smooth gameplay experience, these effectively dull the players’ sense of immersion.

Hitman (2016) is far from a flawless game. But just like its successor Hitman 2, the game has glitches and bugs that can greatly diminish the enjoyment players feel while completing the missions. Firstly, the game is prone to technical issues such as freezing and crashing with then results in an unsavory gaming experience.

It has also been reported that some of the game’s levels and environments have bugs, which include NPCs behaving weirdly and random floating objects. Due to the many bugs that the game has, some players think that Hitman (2016) lacks polish and does not provide a solid gaming experience.

Hitman’s (2016) gameplay might be too easy for some gamers, especially those who have played other stealth video games like Dishonored and Metal Gear Solid V. One reason for Hitman’s (2016) easy gameplay is its repetitive and predictable AI which then also dulls the many enemy and boss fights the game has.

Moreover, the game’s stealth mechanics are also sometimes too forgiving, which allows players to still succeed in a mission, despite making many mistakes. It’s also a shame that Hitman (2016) doesn’t give players the option to change the difficulty, which can greatly remedy this issue.

Hitman (2016) was initially released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Gamers using the PlayStation 4 have reported that the game has not lived up to their standards as they’ve experienced a lot of technical issues. This includes crashes and freezes that can make the game unplayable.

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There have also been visual and graphics issues that are lacking when compared to the other ports of the game. Gamers have also complained that Hitman’s (2016) controls on the PlayStation 4 are clunky and unresponsive, all of which can negatively affect their experience while playing the game.

There has already been a movie based on the game Hitman (2016), and fans have even chosen which directors they want to helm the reboot. However, many have criticized the narrative of the game for lacking in depth and being vague.

Due to the fact the game’s narrative involving Agent 47 is presented in a non-linear and fragmented way, gamers find it hard to fully understand the motivation of the game’s various characters. The game has minimal dialogue and exposition to boot. Hitman’s (2016) vague story has caused it to lose potential fans as many gamers found it hard to connect with the game’s main character.

Hitman (2016) is a notoriously short game, as finishing the game only clocks in at 10 and a half hours. That has been a source of irk for many gamers, as the short narrative creates a feeling of incompleteness and makes the game feel very unsubstantial.

It’s also worth noting that Hitman (2016) is episodic in structure, which should extend the game’s narrative. However, all gamers got with Hitman’s (2016) episodic nature is a disrupted and fragmented story. However, that hasn’t stopped gamers from clamoring for a Hitman (2016) film and even proposing that James Gunn direct it.

While there’s no doubt that Hitman (2016) has one of the best assassins in video game history, it’s a game that has many flaws. One of these is its limited replayability, which mainly stems from the game’s linear structure. As each playthrough feels very similar, there’s no incentive for gamers to replay the game.

What’s more, players aren’t given the chance to make any meaningful choices, so what they do doesn’t impact the world of the game. There’s also a limited sense of progression as gamers don’t unlock a lot of new abilities and options as they go through the missions.

Hitman’s (2016) clunky mechanics manifest in various aspects of the game. For example, the navigation system of the game is cumbersome, which makes it difficult to move around the game’s environments. Another one is the confusing inventory system that has some gamers accidentally discarding important items like lock picks and screwdrivers.

The cover system of the game has also been criticized as unreliable, causing players to accidentally expose themselves when attempting to hide and take cover. The clunky mechanics of Hitman (2016) detract from the overall player experience and make the game less entertaining.

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