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10 most influential games of all time

Occasionally, a title for that will be released radically It affects the future of gaming. This should not be confused with a game trying something new or a game making a statement about society. Instead, the most influential games affect other games around them, and sometimes even the real world!

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Not every influential game brought about welcome changes, however. In fact, some would argue that the state of gaming is in worse shape than it has ever been! So, for better or worse, here are some of the most influential games of all time.


10 pong

Well, let’s get this out of the way! while not Technically speaking The first video game ever created, Pong owns it Certainly He earned a reputation as the godfather of gaming. After its launch in 1972, audiences were buzzing with curiosity about this new form of entertainment!

We can be sure that the audience had it at all No idea what the future of video games will be like, given that computers were a fairly new invention. But Pong certainly played an important role in bringing video games into the spotlight and showing just how much fun they can be.

9 Tetris

Tetris was the first example of a game becoming actual cultural phenomenon! It was relatively common to see adults walking around with gray Game Boys, desperately trying to beat their previous record!

For the first time ever, it wasn’t childish to indulge in digital entertainment. Tetris has been single-handedly responsible for an overall shift in the public’s view of games. In fact, Tetris, to this day, still is best sales game of all time.

8 Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 BoomBomb Battlefield

It can be said that Super Mario 64 was the first fully realized 3D game universe, and it set the standard Unbelievably high. The now popular platformer set a precedent for the future of gaming – having huge impacts on all games that followed.

It can be argued that if Mario 64 wasn’t as great as it was, 3D games might not have taken off the way they did! The game developers saw how surprising It was about navigating and interacting with an environment the way Mario 64 did, and there was now a mad dash to replicate it.

7 half life

G-Man stares at the Half-Life series camera

The launch of Half-Life introduced a previously practically unexplored game mechanic in a video game – physics. Combine these valves revolutionary physics with a brand new A way to tell a story and thus create a unique video game that was very captivating.

It should not be mentioned that Half-Life and its sequel were basically solely responsible for Steam’s brutal throttling of the PC gaming industry. Steam was, after all, the only way to play both games! It’s safe to say Steam might not have survived without Half-Life.

6 Hello

Halo Infinite 343 concept art

Halo CE and Halo 2 both had them TRUE Impact on the gaming industry. With the launch of Xbox Live in particular, gamers have been able to chat online and compete against strangers from the comfort of their own home.

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We often take the convenience of online gaming for granted, and why wouldn’t we? Virtually every Triple-A game released today has it Great multiplayer component to her. But we rarely remember that Halo was the franchise that started it all.

5 World of Warcraft

world of wars dragonflight

Although a rather predatory A subscription service and a boatload of Blizzard’s internal turmoil, you have to admit that World of Warcraft has been one of the most influential games of all time. At a time when MMOs were far from a rarity, fantasy definitely stood out.

With over 100 million accounts as of 2023, it’s no secret that World of Warcraft has been a smashing success – and it remains so to this day! With Consistent content updates and in-game events, it gave way to a very popular topic in games today – live service.

4 Maine Craft

Minecraft wooden house in the forest

There is no doubt that Minecraft, as the second best selling game of all time, has been one of the best selling games thunderous Success stories of all time. Minecraft was born countless The number of copies and look alike while creating a new type of game centered around “building”.

The impact Minecraft has had can be seen culturally Everywhere – Millions of YouTube videos, countless collectibles, toys, and more. Heck, there have even been reports of Minecraft being used by architects in the real world to test building designs!

3 pubg

Title page for PUBG: Battlegrounds

Sure, PUBG is a pretty cute game, and it’s not arguable to argue that any magic it had before is mostly lost now. That being said, you will be objectively It would be wrong to claim that she did not radically Changing the gaming market!

Nowadays, it seems so All The game developer is pumping into the Battle Royale game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, because we’ve got some great games that have grown out of this trend! But if you are tired of the onslaught of Battle Royale games, now you know who is to blame.

2 Fortnite

Fortnite winterfest 2022

It seems a little Unexpectedly To call a game “influential” when it’s directly inspired by another PUBG game. But Fortnite wasn’t as impressive because of its gameplay; Rather, it is noteworthy thanks Revolutionary marketing.

The Battle Pass, for example, is now a staple of every new game release, even in games where it doesn’t really belong. Other factors such as brand collaboration, free-to-play model, and cross-play are all features Originated From Fortnite Battle Royale. Say what you will about the game, but Fortnite has evolved the gaming industry more than any other game in recent years.

1 Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros NES title screen

Super Mario Bros. launched in the mid-1980s, at a time when games primarily existed as fast-paced arcade cabinets, desperate to squeeze every quarter out of your pocket. With its release, Super Mario Bros. turned the entire industry upside down.

For starters, the game launched on the NES, which means kids didn’t have to deal with the gamble of losing a quarter every time they died! Finally, players could experience the progression and “story” in the game, and it came in a package timeless platform.

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