2023: Tinubu Thinks All Yorubas Are His Slaves – Naja’atu Mohammed

Bola Tinubu, a former All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, has alleged that the party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, believes that every Yoruba is his slave.

She claimed that the former Lagos State governor chose to run on a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the hope that northerners would vote en masse for him.

Tinubu, according to the former APC campaign director, is counting on all votes from the Southwest and a large number of votes from the North to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

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According to Naja’atu Mohammed, unlike in the South, where governments decide who gets votes, peasants hold the ace in the North.

She said: “I tried to help these people, including Tinubu, because they don’t understand the North. The North is not like the South. If you remember, before 2015, Buhari had only one state in the whole of the 19 northern states. Buhari did not win even his own state, even though he got his 15 million votes. Even though PDP was in power, he was still getting his 15 million votes.

“In the North, the peasants hold the ace, they control the votes. In the South, the governors are in charge. They determine who gets the votes. The whole of the South-West did not give Buhari the differential votes that Zamfara State alone gave him.

“In 2015, we were able to dislodge a sitting president. We mobilised and succeeded. We guarded the votes and sacrificed our lives, but Tinubu thinks this silly Muslim-Muslim ticket will help him. He thinks that when you say “Muslim” in the North, everybody in the North jumps. It is not like that.

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“All they are depending on is that you pay the elites and the governors to give Tinubu his 25 per cent. His calculation is that he will get bloc votes because he believes that all the Yorubas on earth are his slaves. He believes they must obey him no matter what.”


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