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7D EQ Step-Over E-Bike: What You Get For $1,999

The Electra Loft Go 7D EQ is an electric bike that’s marketed as an urban mobility option, but what features does it offer to merit the $1,999 asking price? For those uncertain about purchasing an electric vehicle, starting with an e-bike makes sense. E-bikes are a great way to get around while running errands or commuting to a nearby workplace. Aside from their zero carbon emissions, most models offer the basic capabilities of regular bikes and make them even better.

The Electra Loft Go 7D EQ has a lightweight build and retro design that’s reminiscent of Electra’s bikes from the 90s. Ideal for daily city rides, the bike features a 7-speed derailleur, three levels of pedal assist, and broad 700 x 40c tires. Meanwhile, riding with a different tire size will impact the speed calculation. To correct this, an Electra retailer will need to use a service dongle on the bike to produce a more accurate figure. The e-bike offers a top speed of 20 mph using its rear-hub motor. As for the range, the 7D EQ comes with a 250Wh battery which offers pedal support for up to 40 miles. Electra retailers also sell a range extender that adds an extra 40 miles.

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Electra claims that the e-bike can achieve a full battery status within four hours using the 2-amp charger which comes with the purchase. The bike can charge to 50 percent in two hours. If a battery change becomes necessary, riders should note that only certified technicians can undertake the task. The bike has LED lights on its front and rear to help riders navigate in the dark. The flat-mount disc brakes ensure that bikes won’t lose valuable stopping power. An LED display is integrated into the handlebar which enables riders to check the battery status and select their preferred pedal assist using a button.

Interestingly, the 7D EQ e-bike can also carry cargo which comes in handy while running errands like buying groceries. Electra says that the e-bike has a weight limit of 300 lbs which comprises the rider, bicycle, and cargo. It’s available in two options – Step-Over and Step-Thru. While the Step-Over option comes in a choice of medium and large sizes, Step-Thru comes in small and medium sizes. The former is available in Black Mercury, Harbor Grey, and Matte Cadet Blue colors, while the latter comes in Cloud Pink, Stardust, and Matcha Green.

Just like EVs, e-bike makers have begun introducing connected services and apps that enable riders to monitor their vehicles remotely. The 7D EQ can be linked to the Hyena Rider Assistant app which is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Riders can use the app to monitor battery life, bike speed, and adjust power levels. Electra’s urban e-bike comes with a two-year warranty on the hub motor, wires, controller, and battery.

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Source: Electra

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