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Adam Curry spouse Tina Snider is a co-host of Curry and The Guardian webcast. Adam got hitched to Tina in 2019.

Adam is generally referred to for his work as a VJ on MTV and for being quite possibly the earliest VIP to plan and oversee sites.

He began as a podcaster during the 2000s, co-facilitating the ‘No Plan’ program. Because of his work, he has acquired the name ‘Podfather.’

He is one of the top television big names and anchors who has accomplished a great deal of prominence and acknowledgment by facilitating shows on TV.

BornSeptember 3, 1964 (age 58)

Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

Known for
  • MTV VJ
  • Mevio Inc
  • Daily Source Code
  • No Agenda
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
  • Patricia Paay (1989–2009)
  • Micky Hoogendijk (2012–2015)
  • Tina Snider (2019–present)
Call signK5ACC

He has talked with a few notable big names about their ways to progress. His great and first class television appearances feature his well established connection with programs that reliably have audience-satisfying content.

Subsequent to finding prevalence in Network programs, he performed well as a VJ, effectively introducing MTV’s main 20 video commencements.

Adam Curry Spouse Tina Snider Adam Curry spouse Tina Snider is additionally engaged with a similar expert field as him. Tina Snider is the co-host of “Curry and The Guardian.”

Tina and Adam examine love and life while tasting wine on the web recording. Curiously, She is Adam’s third better half.

Their most memorable experiences and how they eventually got hitched stay a secret.

Be that as it may, Tina shared an image of herself and her accomplice in September 2018. They seem to partake in their sweet second and candlelight feast.

On May 19, 2019, the couple traded promises in Austin, Texas, marking the start of their over three-year marriage.

She appreciates keeping her own life hidden. With around 1.3k fan devotees, she keeps a confidential Instagram account with the personality @tinacurry33.

Adam Curry Relationship Timetable Before Tina, Adam was associated with two relationships with Patricia Paay and Micky Hoogendijk.

Patricia is his most memorable spouse, whose complete name is Patricia Anglaia Margareth Paaij. She is a notable radio telecaster, vocalist, and model from the Netherlands.

Her 40 years in length melodic profession has spread the word about her the most well figure in the Netherlands. She likewise shows up on Dutch TV and in Dutch newspaper media.

Patricia Paay As a model, Patricia is perceived as the main excitement model in the Dutch release of Playboy.

In 2009, she stood out as truly newsworthy by turning into Playboy’s most seasoned CoverGirl when she modeled for the third time. She was 60 years of age at that point.

It’s significant that Patricia and Adam have a 15-year age distinction, with her being the more seasoned of the two.

The previous accomplices wedded in 1989 and stayed together for more than 20 years prior to parting in 2009.

His heartfelt commitment with another lady, Micky, prompted their detachment. From their involved acquaintance, they became guardians to a youngster, Christina Curry.

Micky Hoogendijk Adam’s subsequent spouse, Micky Hoogendijk, is likewise a notable character.

She is most popular for being perhaps the earliest Dutch individual to be born by manual semen injection. Her mom brought her up in a global imaginative setting.

His work has been shown in Austin, Mexico, and Tokyo craftsmanship presentations. While as far as her acting, she has showed up in a few Dutch shows, for example, ‘Spangen,’ ‘Blauw’, ‘Koefnoen,’ and ‘Parels en Zwijnen,’ to make reference to a couple.

In 2008, she turned into the beneficiary of the Best Entertainer grant in a Component Film at the New York Global Free Film and Video Celebration for her job in the Dutch film ‘Blindspot.’

Notwithstanding her work before the camera, she likewise filled in as a maker and imaginative chief.

She shaped Micky Hoogendijk Creations in 2007 and started as the imaginative overseer of the Supperclub, which has areas in Amsterdam, Singapore, London, San Francisco, and Istanbul.

She was purportedly involved sincerely with Curry in April 2009. They migrated to Austin, Texas, toward the finish of 2011, and secured the bunch the next year.

Adam Curry Girl Adam Curry has a little girl named Christina Curry, whom he had from his most memorable relationship with Patricia Paay.

She depicts herself as introverted and an anime lover. She has experienced all over Europe, including London, Los Angeles, and Rotterdam.

Christina has insight as a moderator and Dutch television character.

Christina has a checked Instagram handle under the username @notososadgrl. She has so far been effective in procuring around 39k fan supporters on the stage.

She has had associations with notable figures like Raven van Dorst, Lisa Bosveld, and previous FC Twente football star Shenta Ignacio. She uncovered her sexual openness on Twitter in 2013.

A brief time back, she reported on Instagram that she was seeing an individual who goes by the name Curi.

The couple may be seen kissing in an image. She subtitled the shot, “Become a close acquaintence with for quite some time, and presently we’re here.”

Adam Curry on The Joe Rogan Experience web recording In mid 2020, Adam was highlighted on Joe Rogan’s webcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’

Adam therefore showed up on September 8, 2020, when he discussed having Tourette condition.

He showed up on the program similarly in July 2021. On January 8, 2022, and January 25, 2023, he showed up on the program.

With his most recent appearance, he and Joe talked about the likely US prohibition on TikTok. Adam expressed that the Chinese web-based entertainment application TikTok would before long be restricted completely in the US.

The host, Joe Rogan, alluded to TikTok’s protection proclamation and called the application ‘a phenomenally intrusive programming.’ He clarified that he goes against the Chinese government’s utilization of TikTok for information mining.

He trusted that to keep TikTok from producing more promotion income than them, US-band firms are campaigning US lawmakers for a TikTok boycott.

Instagram Account.

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