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All 8 Things We Want To See Happen In Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday season 1 has been a massive success for Netflix, smashing viewership records for the streaming giant, and there are eight big things that should happen to carry this success over to Wednesday season 2. This adaptation of The Addams Family has the potential to become the most successful Addams Family installment ever. As Wednesday season 2 approaches, it is critical that Tim Burton and his fellow creators capitalize on the show’s popularity.

Wednesday season 2 has a lot to live up to after the riotous success Wednesday season 1 experienced. The viral Wednesday dance scene alone is a lot to live up to, so the showrunners will have their hands full trying to make a worthy successive season. Wednesday season 2 might also face a significant hurdle because of the lofty expectations created by season 1. Here are eight big things Wednesday season 2 should do to live up to those expectations.

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One of the few common criticisms of Wednesday season 1 is that the rest of the Addams family, besides Wednesday, did not feature heavily enough. Wednesday season 2 should look to include Morticia, Gomez, and Pugsley Addams, as they are Wednesday’s immediate family. However, Wednesday season 2 should also further develop the extended family members from the original Addams Family, such as Grandmama, Uncle Fester, and the family butler, Lurch who only received brief appearances or in Grandmama’s case, just a mention.

One way that Wednesday season 2 could show more of the wealthy Addams family would be to show some of Wednesday’s time off from school at their family home. This would not only provide the opportunity for more Addams family screen time but also give the show a chance to have some fun with the Addams’ house. This strategy would be strong because it could also include Grandmama, Uncle Fester, and Lurch. Alternatively, Wednesday season 2 could include more of Wednesday’s family by bringing them to Nevermore Academy for any type of school function. It could even continue to expand on Gomez and Morticia’s time at Nevermore Academy.

Part of Wednesday‘s success is the general creepy yet somehow endearing vibe the show creates, however, Wednesday season 2 should further embrace the horror genre. Now that Wednesday has such a massive fanbase, it will be easier to move the show in more of a horror movie type of direction without much risk of losing fans. If Wednesday season 2 can ramp up the fear factor and general creepiness of the show just a bit, it could truly capture the feel of the original The Addams Family.

It is not that Wednesday has done a poor job of adapting The Addams Family, in fact, it has done a wonderful job, however, the original franchise has a slightly stronger fright factor that Wednesday season 2 should look to emulate. That could mean making the Addams family a bit more malicious or making the threats Wednesday Addams will inevitably face more dangerous. There are plenty of ways Wednesday season 2 could raise its creepiness, all that matters is that it does.

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Wednesday season 2 should include Lady Gaga. That may seem random, but after the beloved musician/actress recreated the viral Wednesday dance, speculation over a Lady Gaga cameo has been rampant. An appearance from Lady Gaga would garner huge publicity for Wednesday season 2. Moreover, Lady Gaga is incredibly talented, and casting her is never a bad idea, even if it’s just for a brief cameo.

If Wednesday does bring in Lady Gaga, she could appear as a visiting teacher or family member in Wednesday season 2. She could be a normal citizen from the town or any number of other small roles. It is unlikely that Lady Gaga would be interested in a long-term role on Tim Burton’s Wednesday, however, it certainly seems like she would be willing to show up for a brief cameo. Fitting her into a small role would be easy enough, and it would be wildly popular, so Wednesday season 2 should include her.

One of the biggest changes Wednesday makes from The Addams Family is that it gives the characters supernatural powers. Wednesday and her mother, Morticia, both have psychic powers, for example, whereas Wednesday’s roommate, Enid, is a werewolf. Nevermore Academy, Wednesday’s school and her parents’ school before her, is for outcasts, people with powers. Since Gomez attended Nevermore he must have some hidden abilities, however, they are yet to be revealed.

Wednesday’ssomewhat controversial Gomez Addams could be given psychic powers, like his wife and daughter. However, it would be much more fun if he was given some new power that has not yet been discussed in Wednesday. Whatever the power may be, it is critical that Gomez’s powers are revealed in Wednesday season 2, or the show could run into consistency problems with its world-building.

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The next thing Wednesday season 2 should do is make Morticia Addams the new Nevermore Academy principal. After Principal Weems’ death at the end of Wednesday season 1, the school is in need of a new leader. Morticia Addams could fit that role perfectly, and it would provide the opportunity for her to get more screen time. It could also help Wednesday to grow as a character, considering the impact her mother clearly has on her.

This is already a popular Morticia Addams theory, so it would not come as a shock to fans if Wednesday season 2 did go in that direction. Morticia seems primed to have a more prominent role in Wednesday season 2, so it’s certainly in the realm of possibility. Morticia Addams becoming principal of Nevermore Academy is far from a sure thing, however, Wednesday season 2 could easily make it work, and it should.

Vincent Thorpe, the father of Wednesday’s classmate/love interest Xavier Thorpe, should be introduced in Wednesday season 2. Vincent Thorpe is mentioned in Wednesday season 1 and seems to be in line for a bigger role moving forward. Xavier seems to be frustrated with his father, who is made out as extremely vain. If Vincent Thorpe truly is in line for a bigger role he needs to be introduced in Wednesday season 2, so the audience has time to get to know his character.

Wednesday doesn’t end up with Xavier, however, he looks to be an important part of the show moving forward. That being said, even if Xavier’s father, Vincent, is not a part of the bigger picture moving forward, he should be included as a way of developing Xavier. Just as Morticia Addams is used to develop Wednesday’s character, Wednesday season 2 should use Vincent to develop Xavier. Vincent could still be an important antagonist, but he should at least be brought in for Xavier’s sake.

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One of the most important things Wednesday season 2 needs to do is solidify Wednesday Addams as an anti-hero. Wednesday is an easily lovable character, and throughout Wednesday season 1 she devotes herself to hunting down a monster. This is a pretty heroic set-up, despite Wednesday’s many non-heroic qualities. Wednesday season 2 should double down on Wednesday’s anti-hero characteristics and have her embark on more diabolical missions.

Wednesday’s season 2 renewal gives the show the opportunity to course-correct a bit on Wednesday Addams heroic season 1 arc. The entire Addams family is fundamentally anti-heroic, so it is absolutely crucial that Wednesday season 2 makes this adjustment. If Wednesday Addams were to slip fully into hero status, it would feel like a betrayal of the original character. Wednesday should do some sadistic things or become enemies with a genuinely good character so that fans aren’t fooled into thinking she is a hero.

The final thing Wednesday season 2 should do is either ditch Wednesday’s love interests, or find better ones. The awkward love triangle between Wednesday, Xavier, and Tyler, feels forced and unconvincing. Wednesday and Enid’s relationship is a lot of fun to watch on screen, however, it feels like a stretch to give them a romance in Wednesday season 2. Many fans are into the idea of a romance between Wednesday and Enid, but it feels like a new character could be a better fit for that role.

At the least, Wednesday season 2 should ditch the Tyler and Xavier love interest storylines. Wednesday season 2 has the opportunity to bring in an entirely new character to fit that role with the advantage of knowing what fans did and did not like in season 1. Alternatively, Wednesdayseason 2 could just ditch the love stories and allow Wednesday to roam free and untethered by romance.

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