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Angelina Bakalarou: Joined The Repair Shop as the Paper Conservator, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career

Repair Shop, owned and operated by Angelina Bakalarou, has been hired on as the show’s new freelance conservator. Angelina has nine years of experience in the field of paper conservation

She just made a cameo appearance in one of the episodes not long ago, which piqued viewers’ interest in learning more about her history.

In the most recent episode of the show, season 11, episode 14, which aired not too long ago, you might have seen a new lady ready for her new duty. She is known by her full name, Angelina Jolie.

Now that we have your attention, let’s find out more information about the new specialist who is making a stir online from our favorite show.

Angelina Bakalarou

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Angelina Bakalarou: Joined The Repair Shop as the Paper Conservator

In the most recent episode of “The Repair Shop,” Angelina Bakalarou serves as the paper conservator for the shop. During the show, Angelina Bakalarou received enthusiastic applause.

She attempts to recreate, using crayons, a portrait that was drawn in the early 1900s. During the Victorian era, it was common practice to paint over an enlarged photograph in order to avoid spending a significant amount of time posing for the sitter.

The portrait shows David’s great-grandmother, who was an influential person in her day.

William, David’s son, is able to empathize with Mary Fletcher, who is very hard of hearing and is the mother of eight children.

Because William is deaf, but much like his great-grandmother, he has never let his condition stop him from doing everything he wants to do. It is very important for the family that the fragile portrait, which is peeling off, be preserved, put on display, and talked about.

Bakalarou greeted her followers on Instagram and invited them to follow “The Conservators,” the name of her art gallery. Back in 2019, she was occupied with the creation of a top-secret painting.

The audience has shown an incredible amount of enthusiasm for this one. As a result, Angelina deserves a rousing round of applause. She has risen to become the most well-liked of all the characters in a television show.

A great deal of people have been looking for her ever since she shown her abilities on the show. You may get in touch with her on Instagram; her account there is @angelina bak. Unfortunately, only approved users can access the account.

Her bio on the app states, “Paper Conservator: for my conservation adventures, follow @theconservators,” and she has over 500 people following her there. This account features a lot of artwork, and it wouldn’t be a waste of time to follow it.

Angelina Bakalarou: Career

Her career as a conservator has withstood the passage of time with flying colors.

Angelina has spent the past five years gaining experience in the field of conservation by working in both the paper and painting fields. In her art gallery, she is seen with her friend Ashleigh by her side.

At the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration on the Conservation of Antiques and Works of Art. She began her studies in 2005, and she graduated with honors and a cumulative grade point average of 6.3.

Together with Ashleigh, she has been employed at ‘The Conservators’ since the year 2018. Both of them have established themselves as highly respected conservators in the public and private sectors of the industry.

They were both attending the University of London for their master’s degrees in the conservation of works on paper when they first crossed paths at Camberwell.

Bakalarou and her partner Ashleigh attended the Woolwich Contemp Print Fair, the world’s largest festival of original contemporary print, together. They went to it in November 2021 and recorded some of their favorites from it afterwards.

The conservator is dedicated to preserving a wide variety of paper-based products as well as paintings on canvas by employing conservation practices that prioritize careful intervention and preventative measures.

They take the same level of care and interest in the project regardless of whether the client is a person with an extremely high net worth or a family that is attempting to preserve their photo collection.

Previously, she worked as a project conservator for the television show ‘The National.’ This lasted for close to four years, after which she was promoted to management for the same company and stayed there for close to five.

Now, as a result of all the things she has been through, she has become an expert at “the Repair Shop.” Her debut appearance was shown on BBC1 at 3:45 p.m. on the 19th of January.

Angelina Bakalarou
Angelina Bakalarou

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Angelina Bakalarou: Bio

Angelina Bakalarou is a conservator of Greek paintings and paper, in addition to being a contributor to BBC1’s The Repair Shop as an expert.

According to the information provided on her Linkedin profile, she is currently working at The National Archives in London, England, United Kingdom as the conservation manager of digitisation and large scale operations.

Her previous position at The National Archives was that of a project conservator, which she held from October 2014 until August 2018, after which she assumed her current position.

Bakalarou is also a co-owner of a business called The Conservators Ltd., which is a conservation company that specializes in the preservation and conservation of works of art on paper, archival material, pictures, and paintings on canvas.

The Conservators are able to provide a wide variety of museum-level collection care services and treatments, such as condition reports for the purposes of insurance, monitoring plans, conservation treatments for paintings and works on paper (including photographs), cataloguing, and art historical research.

According to the website for the company, The Conservators are committed to protecting a wide range of paper-based objects and paintings on canvas with conscientious intervention and preventative methods of conservation.

This is the case regardless of whether the client is an ultra-high net worth individual or a family trying to preserve their personal photo collection.

Bakalarou attended the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Conservation of Antiques and Works of Art.

After that, she attended Camberwell – University of the Arts London to earn a master’s degree in the conservation of works on paper.

Angelina Bakalarou
Angelina Bakalarou

What is The Conservator?

Conservators are trained to think about the physical composition of records, in contrast to archivists, who concentrate on the content of the papers they care for.

The kinds of paper and ink that were used to create a document, as well as the presence of distinctive features, such as seals or ribbons that were used as early forms of document fasteners, are just as interesting to conservators as the narrative that the words on the document convey.

Conservators typically have training in both the fine arts and the natural sciences.

The documents and artifacts that are brought into the conservation laboratory at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) demonstrate the myriad of methods that people have preserved knowledge throughout history.

They range from being written with a quill pen on paper to being printed out on a computer in the present day.

The materials in the National Archives are subjected to conservation treatment for a variety of different reasons.

For instance, images taken from a wide angle, sometimes known as panoramas, or enormous maps that have been rolled up for a number of years cannot be opened securely until the conservation lab has carefully unrolled them and treated them.

There are situations in which a document needs to be safeguarded before it may be routinely handled by researchers.

For instance, many of the papers that date from the time of World War II are fragile and were brought to NARA in need of preservation care.

Conservators go through the process of examining each and every document before it is put on exhibit at the National Archives Building.

They are then given treatment, if it is required, to ensure that they are healthy enough to be shown. Conservators use a wide variety of tools and materials in their line of work. Conservators strive to employ treatment methods that will not compromise the integrity of the objects they are preserving over time.

The Paper Conservator: More Details

  • Angelina Bakalarou, who specializes in paper conservation, is a regular contributor to The Repair Shop. In January of 2023, she became a member of the knowledgeable staff at the Repair Shop.
  • On her first appearance on the show, which aired on BBC1 on Thursday, January 19, 2023 (The Repair Shop Series 11 Episode 14), she recreated a drawing from the early 1900s that was given the name “crayon portrait.”
  • ” This well-liked method from the Victorian era entailed painting on top of an enlarged photograph. As a result, the sitter did not have to pose for several hours.
  • David is the owner of the image, which portrays his great grandmother, who was, according to all accounts, a tough woman.
  • Mary Fletcher was profoundly deaf and a mother to eight children; this is something that can resonate with David’s son William, who is also profoundly deaf.
  • William is deaf, but he has never allowed his deafness restrict him, just like his great, great grandmother did. This is why it is so vital for the family to have the deteriorating, fragile painting saved, presented, and talked about.”
  • Bakalarou was given the responsibility of repairing anything during her second appearance on the show, which was The Repair Shop Series 11 Episode 17 “a mining helmet comprised of compressed paper that was worn by a Welsh colliery worker for the entirety of his 51-year career working underground.
  • The current custodian, Ceri, holds the helmet in high regard because it serves as a constant reminder of his late grandfather, who began his career in the mines at the age of just 14.”
  • Conservator of Nationality Papers Angelina Bakalarou is a Greek national. Angelina Bakalarou is of Greek nationality.

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