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Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Spotted With Mystery Woman At Wedding

The Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron was recently spotted at a wedding accompanied by a mystery woman. Tyler has been turning heads since his debut on the show in 2019, and it has since become evident that he’s no rookie in the dating game. Tyler was recently pictured spending New Year’s Eve with another notable reality TV personality, Kristin Cavallari from The Hills. Their choice to ring in the new year together led to widespread assumption that the former reality TV stars were romantically involved. Neither Tyler nor Kristin have officially confirmed or denied that the outing was more than platonic.

In a video recently obtained by TMZ, Tyler can be seen getting rather touchy-feely with a mystery brunette at a wedding reception in Orlando, Florida. The clip shows various angles of The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron kissing and dancing with the woman, and it was noted that the recipient of Tyler’s affection was certainly not the former star of The Hills.

Tyler supposedly brought this woman as his plus-one, crushing any debate over whether they simply met at the wedding. Others in attendance at the wedding reception told TMZ, if not already gleaned from viewing the video, that the two were “very intoxicated.” The mystery woman has yet to be identified by name, and the attendees didn’t disclose any information about her to the outlet. However, the question as to how Tyler knows this woman remains unanswered.

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In addition to the recently sparked romance rumors surrounding Tyler and Kristin’s outing on NYE, the pair has some previously documented history together. Kristin was first linked to Tyler when he was a featured model for her brand, Uncommon James, in early 2022. At the time, she quickly debunked the immediate speculation that the two were more than friends by announcing that her sole purpose in hiring him was for publicity. The Hills star has kept her dating life on the down low following her divorce with former NFL player Jay Cutler, but when it comes to Tyler, she has spoken highly of him and their friendship. During their previous collaboration for publicity purposes only, Kristin and Tyler were spotted making out, so their warm exchange at the start of this year wasn’t a total shock.

Tyler and Kristin were seen together less than a month ago, in similar fashion to his most recent outing with the mystery woman in Orlando. Since Tyler and Kristin have yet to disclose their relationship status, whether the NYE date prompted a serious romance between the two is purely speculation at this point. The Bachelorette alum’s history with Kristin is not to be ignored however, as it speaks to the validity that their shared presence on NYE could have been as intimate as it appeared. Kristin’s claim to have only proposed the collaboration with Tyler for press remains up for debate. Apparently, whether the reality TV personalities share a more than friendly interest in one another is also unknown.

Tyler has been seeking love since his time as a contestant on The Bachelorette. He has experimented with the idea of a serious relationship before, but nothing has really stuck for him yet. If the mystery brunette checks all of Tyler’s boxes, it will be great to see him in a new relationship. But if he and Kristin have established mutual romantic intentions, the video may paint a different picture. As it stands for now, there are many questions to be answered regarding Tyler’s role in the dating game.

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Source: TMZ

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