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Bay College will host 650 young ‘Mind Trekkers’ on Friday

Bay College is one of four stops on the OneUP Mind Trekkers Tour 2023. The Bay event is scheduled for Friday, January 27 at the Escanaba Campus.

In association with Bay College, more than six hundred and fifty 8the Undergraduate students from surrounding counties will be on campus exploring “STEM,” which stands for: science, technology, engineering, and math. Demos and exhibitors range from making ice cream to thermal imaging, to standing inside a giant bubble and gravity well, and much more! There are over 60 demos that students can participate in.

“We are delighted to welcome 8the Qualifiers coming from three different cantons in the UP this Friday. It has been a great experience working with our partners at ISD, MichiganWorlds!, Michigan Tech University, of course, our Bay Area team, and local businesses that volunteer their time and resources. Everyone has gone above and beyond to help make this event a success. Exposure to STEM is incredibly important and this event helps make learning exciting,” says Amy Reddinger, Vice President of Arts and Sciences and DEB at Bay College.

Mind Trekkers is a flagship program of the Michigan Technological University Educational Extension Center where MiTech undergraduate and graduate students become “Mind Trekker Guides,” traveling across the country providing high-energy, hands-on STEM demonstrations. for K-12 students, inspiring young people to pursue post-secondary education.

“One of the many great things about the Mind Trekkers event is that all of their demos are available for free on their website. Anyone can download instructions to run a STEM experiment at home or in their classroom,” says Jessica Beaver, communications and events coordinator at Bay College. “You can access the instructions here:” All lesson plans have educational standards and safety information included in them.

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