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Best (& Worst) Risk Of Rain 2 Items

Items can make or break a build in any rougelike title, and this holds true for Risk of Rain 2, in which some items can save a run, and others can doom one. With 148 unique items and 38 different equipment to come across, it’s difficult to keep track of them all, much less remember which ones are worth picking up, and which need to be avoided. Memorizing the entire item list will require extensive playtime and effort, but by keeping in mind the three best and worst items in Risk of Rain 2, players can see fast and effective results.

Of course, some items may vary in effectiveness depending on which Survivor the player has chosen. For example, ability-centric characters like the Artificer will benefit from reduced cooldowns more than a character like the Captain. Some characters, like Risk of Rain 2‘s strongest Survivor, Railgunner, are inherently more flexible in what builds they can run thanks to their overall strength. But for the most part, items play the biggest influence on a player’s success in Risk of Rain 2 – arguably even more than skill.

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Some of Risk of Rain 2‘s best items are actually common items. Because they are easier to come across in both ground loot and printers alike, their effects can be multiplied to create ridiculously powerful runs. This is true of both Tougher Times and Lens-Makers Glasses. Tougher Times provides a solid 15% chance of damage mitigation on one stack alone, and just like all ROR2 items, they can be stacked to no limit. Lens-Maker’s Glasses are also invaluable, as they grant an extra 10% chance to critically strike an enemy for twice the damage. Both items always worth nabbing, especially when fighting a ROR2 boss like Mithrix.

On the other hand, the best equipment in Risk of Rain 2 is the Royal Capacitor. It may not be the most exciting item, but it certainly gets the job done, and it can be a live-saver in a pinch. The Royal Capacitor allows the player to call down a strike of lightning on a single target of their choice, which will receive a whopping 3,000% damage – but nearby enemies will get stunned too.

While Royal Capacitor is a positive addition to essentially any build, some equipment can have conversely drastic effects. It’s important to avoid these items, lest players have built their entire runs around them or are simply up for a challenge. For example, the Crowdfunder can do decent damage depending on the situation, but every single bullet will cost a player $1 (not to mention, the cost will increase over time). With items like Risk of Rain 2’s Beads of Fealty available to players, the Lunar equipment Effigy of Grief is virtually worthless. Its only use is placing down areas with a slow effect – but even player characters will be slowed.

Although Fresh Meat won’t destroy a build, it’s certainly one of the most worthless items in the game, only providing a Survivor with 25 extra HP (which might as well be nothing). Players should discard this item in the Scrapper as soon as they can to replace it with a better item, of which there are plenty.

In general, there’s no harm in trying out wacky builds in Risk of Rain 2, and this is realistically the best way for players to learn about items. However, the best (and worst) items above can provide a baseline for players to follow in the meantime.

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