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Big Brother’s Angela Rummans Speaks Out On Tyler Breakup For First Time

Big Brother alum Angela Rummans has spoken out on her breakup with Tyler Crispen for the first time. Angela and Tyler first met when they competed on Big Brother 20 together in 2018. The two had an instant connection, as they began to form a close personal relationship while also competing together throughout the game. Following their time competing on the show, Angela and Tyler continued their relationship into the real world. In 2021, Tyler proposed to Angela on the beach.

Almost two years after getting engaged, Big Brother’s Angela Rummans and Tyler called off their engagement. Now, for the first time since their breakup, Angela has spoken out on the matter. In a recent YouTube video posted to Angela’s channel entitled, “Life Update 2023- Answering Your Questions,” the former Big Brother star confirmed that she and Tyler are no longer together.

Angela explained that the couple had been privately dealing with some issues for over a year, before ultimately coming to the decision of going their separate ways. They had even tried couples therapy in an effort to fix their relationship. Ultimately, Tyler and Angela both agreed it would be best if they broke up.

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In the midst of the issues Angela and Tyler were dealing with privately, Angela was cast for The Challenge: USA. Angela, who was one of nine Big Brother houseguests on The Challenge: USA, admitted that she accepted the role on the show in hopes that when she returned home, things would be better with Tyler. After spending so much time apart while she was away filming, things were temporarily better upon her arrival home; however, it only lasted a few months. After deciding to go their separate ways, Angela took off to Bali to escape from everyone and everything. This was also in the midst of The Challenge: USA airing, which is why she did not actively post about the show. Angela has remained in Bali, while Tyler has been living in their shared home in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Although the couple were both in agreement that it was best to part ways, they will in fact remain in each other’s lives. Since Tyler and Angela were together for three years, they started a life and businesses together. The two wrote their own cookbook focusing on their healthy lifestyles, while also starting a jewelry company. They also co-own the house in Hilton Head, where Tyler is currently living alone. Despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, Tyler and Angela will continue to work together on their business ventures, as they do not plan on completely being out of each other’s lives.

While things may not have worked out as the Big Brother alum initially had hoped, Angela had nothing but love for Tyler as she emotionally gave fans a life update. While it is unclear how much contact Tyler and Angela have had since their breakup, they are both continuing to support each other in this new chapter of life. Perhaps one day Angela and Tyler’s paths will cross again, and the Big Brother alums will give their relationship a second try.

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Source: Angela Rummans/YouTube

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