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Can I replace the battery in an Apple MacBook Pro (2023)?

Apple launched the MacBook Pro (2023), powered by macOS Ventura and the M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets. One of the unique selling points of this laptop is the battery life it provides. According to the company, the 2023 MacBook Pro has the longest battery life ever observed on a Mac. This helps make it one of the best Macs currently on the market. However, smartphone and laptop batteries degrade with use. This begs the question: Can I replace my MacBook Pro (2023) battery when it doesn’t last enough on a single charge? Unfortunately, the short answer is no.

The Apple MacBook Pro (2023) does not have a user-replaceable battery. Attempting to do so yourself may damage other components and void your limited warranty. Alternatively, Apple Authorized Service Providers can exchange it for $249. While successfully It’s usually less expensive to replace it yourself, and the process is by no means straightforward. It involves disassembling many of the internal parts of the MacBook through special combinations that you can do Purchase separately through an Apple Self-Service Repair Store.

The company now provides the necessary tools and brochures for the 2021 model, and we can expect the 2023 version to follow suit soon. After replacing the battery, you will have to properly reassemble the internal parts. Thus, the chances of spoiling the process are high, and repairing the damage professionally will cost you more.

It’s really a shame that users can’t easily replace the MacBook Pro (2023) batteries on their own. However, with average use, these batteries usually last for years before becoming annoyingly unreliable. Until then, you can enjoy the longest battery life on your Mac. When the time comes, you can evaluate if just replacing the battery for $249 or the entire computer makes more sense for you.

Apple MacBook Pro (2023)

The 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2023) models adopt the same exterior that first introduced in 2021. They offer enhanced M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, Wi-Fi 6E support, Bluetooth 5.3, HDMI 2.1 compatibility, a notch display, and more.

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